10 Fun Part-Time Jobs for Retirees


Ela Lopez | Mar 31st 2022

Rewarding part-time employment enables retirees to keep ties to their prior working lives, stay active, and earn extra money to boost their retirement savings. If you're retired but considering a part-time return to labor, picking a pleasant job may make the move simpler.

In this blog, you will discover the top 10 fun part-time jobs for retirees along with why you may choose to continue working after retirement.

10 fun part-time jobs for retirees

Many of these part-time occupations are not only enjoyable but also adaptable to a retiree's availability and desired hours of work. so, let's take a look at them:

1. Freelance editor

Average salary: $25 per hour

Freelance editor

Freelance editing positions are often flexible and work around the freelancer's schedule. Businesses with websites are continuously recruiting for editor positions, and as a retiree, you can leverage your years of experience to provide an authoritative voice on a particular subject, or you can take advantage of the opportunity to learn about a completely new profession.

2. Artist

Average salary: $16 per hour

Artists produce crafts and other works of art. While art can be enjoyed recreationally, selling your artwork enables you to earn money while still engaging in a fun activity. They express themselves using a range of media, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and knitting. A retiree's creations can be sold online, in a consignment store, or in a community sale, among other venues.

3. Photographer

Average salary: $16 per hour


A photographer stages shoot and edit images, either for a paid client or for self-promotion. Photography involves both technical ability and imagination to identify and execute outstanding photographs. Photography can also be a quiet and fun hobby, making it a good choice for both experienced photographers seeking part-time work in retirement and hobbyists seeking to improve their talents.

4. Gardener

Average salary: $16 per hour

A gardener is liable for the upkeep of a yard and plants. Gardeners may work for private individuals, property managers, or businesses. A gardener's range of services can range from highly specialized care, such as tending to a single type of flower in a greenhouse, to more general lawn and property care, such as mowing, edging, and caring for a variety of plants. As a gardener, a retiree can work outdoors and get some exercise.

5. Coach

Average salary: $17 per hour


While coaches should have some background in the activity they instruct, for recreational teams, particularly youth sports, a coach's primary responsibility is to instill skills and values such as teamwork and fair play. Coaching a team can be enjoyable for retirees and can also help them keep active and contribute to their community.

6. Delivery driver

Average salary: $17 per hour

Delivering takeaway meal orders to consumers is the responsibility of delivery drivers. They may work for a particular restaurant, florist, or other business and may make deliveries in a company vehicle. Retirees who choose to deliver for a delivery-based smartphone app gain control over their schedule, location, and frequency of work.

7. Petsitter

Average salary: $15 per hour

A pet sitter looks after another person's pets when the owner is away on business or other duties, or for several days while the owner is on vacation. A pet sitter job is enjoyable part-time employment for retirees who want to get out of the home and love seeing and caring for animals, particularly if they don't have any of their own.

8. Babysitter

Average salary: $20 per hour

When caregivers are unavailable, a babysitter offers care for one or more children. Frequently, caregivers hire a babysitter for a brief amount of time, such as when they have plans or are working. Working part-time as a babysitter is an excellent option for retirees who enjoy being around children.

9. Consultant

Average salary: $24 per hour


A consultant is a professional who provides expert advice to a business in order to assist them in improving their performance, workflow, or operations. For retired professionals with skills in a particular industry, consulting is a good option to continue working but in a less stressful capacity. Consulting can be successful side employment, and you can select the number of clients or projects to work on according to your desire and availability.

10. Blogger

Average salary: $21 per hour

A blogger creates online material, which is typically in the form of written pieces supported by images or video. A blogger can work independently, building their own blog and monetizing it through adverts or crowdsourcing, or they might seek employment as a paid writer for an established site. A blogging career enables retirees to work from home and, in most cases, with flexible work hours.


 jobs are ideal for retirees

In short, these 10 jobs are ideal for retirees who are looking for earning some money while having some fun. As a result, if you are retired but want to do a part-time job to involve yourself in something fun and exciting, picking a pleasant job may make the move simpler.

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