5 Ways To Stay Motivated When You Are Jobless


Ela Lopez | Jul 7th 2022

Being jobless is not a good feeling. Many people went through it in the pandemic. The rate of unemployment increased when Covid-19 hit hard. Most people are facing it today also. Read the blog to seek some support. We will be telling you 5 ways to stay positive when you have no job.

How Do You Feel When Unemployed?

Do you feel low and depressed? Do you compare yourself with other friends? Are you low on your appetite? Do you feel like crying? Has your behaviour changed? Or are you surrounded by negative thoughts?

If yes, then it is time to get better. If you fail to work hard on your mental health, your career health will never get better.

Know Those 5 Golden Ways To Stay Motivated!


1.Stop Thinking About The Past

It’s no good to keep thinking about the past. Whatever happened before should not mess with your present. It will ultimately impact your future.

  • Whenever you get past episodes in your mind, get up from the spot and change your place.
  • Immediately start thinking about something else. Either sing a song or start dancing.
  • You can immediately indulge yourself in some hobby.

Involve Yourself In Productive Activities

Take a pause. Do not push yourself to keep trying to search for new jobs. Job hunting is important. But if things are not fine, take a break. Maybe after investing your time in a fruitful and productive activity, you are able to decide if you are ready for the new job or not.

And if you are worried about finding the right job for you, please stay stress-free. You have Job Huntley for you, that can make things easier!

Think Positive

Positivity is the need of the hour. Your mind should always be infused with good, motivational, and optimistic thoughts. For that, you can read good books, listen to good music and podcasts, and watch great films.


It is very important to meditate. You won’t believe in magical healings after meditation. It calms you down and prepares you for the upcoming challenges. It enhances patience which is the most required.

Prepare For The Next Job!

Now the last step is to take online classes and prepare for the skills that you aim to work upon. You can also join some additional courses. How about editing your resume and adding things to your portfolio?

After you do this, you can apply for your dream jobs available at Job Huntley.

How To Prepare For The Interview Again?

Do not feel disheartened if you do not have a job. You know you had been doing things previously. These are just the hard days. You can always prepare well for the upcoming interviews.

  • Do not lose your confidence.
  • Do not skip making your face glow! Stress is visible from far away.
  • Do not forget to dress up well to feel good.
  • Just be true to the recruiter and to yourself.
  • Let them become aware of your additional qualifications, courses, and skills that you learned while being unemployed. This will portray that you used your time productively.



Q: How to search for a new job again?

A: Job Huntley is the portal. You can search for your dream job here.

Q: What is the process to search for a job here?

A: Read the following steps to know that:

  • You need to search for the job by filling in keywords related to the job, at homepage.
  • Then you need to fill up the location.
  • Then Search and you would be flaunted with the results.
  • Click, apply, and proceed.
  • Easy???

Q: How can I not give up?

A: Why not trust Job Huntley? You have enough jobs on our platform matching your interest. Please, remove the stress of finding a place for hunting jobs.

So, first of all, stabilize your mental health, boost up your confidence, and then get back to work. If you work again, all fit and fine, you would be able to never give up at work.

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