Four Career Fields to Look Forward in 2022!


Ela Lopez | Mar 7th 2022

The only thing certain about the future is uncertainty. Just imagine working in the pre-covid world back in 2019. Work from home was slowly being adopted, while most employers were hesitant about it.

But today, remote work has become the new normal. Companies that are working from the office are almost negligible. For attracting the best talent, they are giving remote work as an enticing benefit. It has almost become a non-negotiable aspect for most.

Now, in this post-COVID era, predicting the best careers to pursue is arduous. But still, some trends are definite. So, using these trends, we are going to predict the best career fields you can consider for yourself in 2022.

Healthcare Industry

healthcare industry

This pandemic left a drastic effect on the healthcare industry. Now, there is an outsized demand for health workers in most countries. Many health workers have either lost their lives, and many are thinking of leaving the profession, simply due to the risks involved.

According to some reports, almost 500,000 qualified health workers would be needed by 2027. You can pursue a bachelor’s of science or an associate’s degree in nursing to be eligible.

The median pay for these in 2020 was about 113K. Considering this humongous demand of healthcare workers, and handsome salary. It becomes one of the top industries to look for in 2022.

Supply Chain Management

The pandemic disrupted and almost devastated the usual supply and delivery methods for most retailers. The results of panic buying before the lockdowns taught us the importance of properly managing the supply chain.

In this field, you can pursue a career as a Logistics Analyst, Purchasing Agent, or Distribution Manager. So, if you are good at mathematics and stats, you can get a bachelor's degree in supply chain management and have a phenomenal career ahead.

Information Technology

Information Technology

There is no doubt that the IT industry has grown tremendously over the years. But with an increasing trend in remote work and the use of technology, there has been a huge jump in the demand for software developers, especially smartphone app developers.

Conventionally most companies asked for a bachelor's degree for the candidates, but things have changed now. If you are good at logic and know to code well, a degree is not a bar. Many companies have even started to hire people who learn to code online.

According to some recent surveys, this field will grow by 22 per cent, and around 3,00,000 new jobs would be created. So, consider this as a top career choice in 2022.

Financial Management

A company hires financial managers to examine, audit, and analyze the company's revenue, profits, loss, spending etc. Most Fortune 500 companies seek financial managers with an MBA, but you can get into smaller companies as well with a bachelor's. A growth of about 15 per cent is expected in this field by 2022. The average salary is around 120K.

The Bottom Line

There is no way to predict the best career options for you. They keep on changing every day. But yes, you can definitely make an idea about the fields that are trending today or will be trending in the future to make rough predictions. These were the top four career options that could be trending in 2022. I hope it helped.

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