How To Become A Film And Video Editor?


Ela Lopez | Jun 8th 2022

If you're planning to become a film and video editor, then check out this blog on how to find the best jobs in this field. Find out what education, skills, and certifications are required!

Do you have a love for movies and videos? Are you always the first one to spot errors in films? Do you dream of one day editing your own masterpiece? If so, then a career in film and video editing may be right for you! In this blog post ‘How To Become A Film And Video Editor?’, we will outline what it takes to become a film and video editor, as well as discuss some of the skills that are essential for this career. So if you're ready to start making your cinematic dreams a reality, keep reading!

Who Is A Video Editor?

A video editor generally works as a full-time employee in an office job. But because of the pandemic, opportunities for remote video editing, online image editor, photographers, and camerapersons have increased. When there was no physical contact, videos and photos established an unbreakable communication amid the pandemic. This marked possibility of remote and online work of video editors, videographers, and almost all the creative people!

Know What Are The Responsibilities Of A Video Editor

Video Editors play a major role in any organization that works in the digital media industry, broadcasting, or communications industry. In fact, today, almost every corporate office hires a video editor to have a great social media presence. The roles and responsibilities of a video editor are as follows-

  • They are responsible for organizing and editing digital footage with video-editing software. Be it a videographer, photographer, or any cameraperson, their footage or images do not always go raw. An editor must sprinkle some magic over it!
  • During filming, video editors sit and have deep collaboration with the director to understand the overall vision of the production. This helps them extract a final product as per their sight. Remember, only editing can decide what a final product looks like.
  • Editors also convey and discuss editing techniques with a director to improve a scene.

Technical Responsibilities Of A Video Editor

One of the most important skills for a video editor is the ability to use video-editing software. There are many different types of video-editing software, but some of the most popular include-

  • Adobe Premiere Pro,
  • Final Cut Pro,
  • and Avid Media Composer.

Video editors must be able to understand the capabilities and limitations of each type of software to create the best possible product. They should not just know top video editing software but must be aware of a good online image editor too. Knowledge of photo and video editing altogether makes a candidate best for the job. If you haven’t got a job, at least learn free editing software to begin freelancing. We will discuss ahead, why freelancing is important for your career as a video editor? Before that, remember,

Ingredients of technical skills mixed with potential, hard work, dedication, and creativity makes the best Video Editing Dish ever!

How Freelancing Can Help A Video Editor?

As mentioned before, the video editors and photo editors need to know some options of free editing software. This will not stress your pockets and you can continue creating masterpieces to show while applying for jobs. Read below to understand why freelancing video editing is very important?

Helps Enhance Portfolio


Video graphing is the process of creating and editing videos. As a freelancer, it is important to have a strong portfolio to showcase your talent and attract potential clients. A good way to build up your portfolio is by freelancing. This will allow you to gain experience and exposure while also earning money.

Helps Enhance Research And Knowledge

When it comes to video editing, there is much different software available. However, not all of them are created equal. It is important to do your research and find the best software for your needs. These days, Snapseed is gaining popularity among both beginners and professionals. Be it an image or video, certain apps and software are helpful for all.

Increases Monetary Support


Freelancing video editing helps increase monetary support too. Who hates some extra bucks? So, before you crack the final job, keep going! Doesn’t matter if you are a fresher or an experienced candidate, your talent will find a job for you! Search jobs online on Job Huntley. It is anyway there to help you.

Study Required To Become A Video Editor?

A video editor is required to practise, practise and practise! Studying at a media, journalism, and communications college or university can work wonders. Remember to choose the spot that aims to give practical training. Reading about steps to edit a photo or steps to edit a video won’t help at all.

  • You can also view a media study centre.
  • Some coaching centres give additional training for video editing. Go ahead!
  • Online videos and online courses can also help.
  • Do not forget to apply what you learn. Note down steps and commands and techniques but follow them too!

Skills Required To Become A Video Editor?

To become a video editor, you must broaden your vision. Not necessarily, you need to edit videos or clips. You must be a pro offline and online image editor too! Remember, image editing and video editing go hand in hand.

Be A Creative Video Editor

You must not lack creativity. Remember it is not a data job! You need to express and impress!

Follow The Deadlines Dear Video Editor

In the social media and entertainment world, you need to be fast and furious! You should be speedy as a video editor to finish tasks and deliver videos on time. Remember, many others are dependent on you.


Video Editors and Photographer Must Keep Their Eyes Wide Open

You need to keep your eyes wide open for errors. Remember, your final product must be engaging and free from mistakes. It is merely not in video editing but in photo editing too!

Communications Expert Video Editor


A video editor is supposed to stay in touch with the director. From the director to the team responsible for the video/film to going on floors, almost everyone stays in the loop with the editor. So, a video editor, a photographer, an offline/online image editor, or a videographer are some job profiles that need to master the art of communication.

Video Editor With Technical And Visual Skills

Technical skills are highly important! Your software or app should be your best friend. You must also possess visual skills to understand what would be shown in the end. Each frame must be seen properly and worked upon.


Becoming a video editor can be a headache also! So, if you are ready to work in the dynamic industry of media and videos, then go ahead! Just sharpen your skills, prepare yourself with a great portfolio, and be assured! Job Huntley will help you find a job. So, pull up your socks to rock and roll! Now that you know ‘How To Become A Film And Video Editor?’ Why not start preparing for the same?

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