How To Decide Which Career Is Right For Me?


Ela Lopez | Jul 15th 2022

Deciding which career is right for me is the most confusing thing ever. Hopefully, this blog will help you seek a vision and will assist you in making the right decision.

How To Choose A Career Option?

It comes from skills that you possess, your dreams, and your desires.

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If you have a particular skill set, it is absolutely wise to proceed in the same direction. If you dream of something, grilling yourself for that is again sane. Also, if you have particular desires- either mental satisfaction or better money or both, you can choose the jobs accordingly.

What Should Be The Right Way?

The first step should be to identify the skills that you have and the interests that you aim to follow. After you figure out those, you need to study in the same field. It is important to gain professional knowledge in the field of your choice. This will help you get an edge over what you aim to do.

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Step 1: Identify your interests, scope, and your skill set.

Step 2: Pursue your study in that particular field.

Step 3: Go for internships, additional certifications, and experiences in the same arena.

Step 4: Prepare a great portfolio/resume.

Step 5: Search for jobs. You can check out Job Huntley for the desired jobs.

Step 6: Land up all successful.

What If I Want To Switch My Career Now?


Switching the career at any age is risky. It involves daredevilry to decide over your future and stable income. We can avoid this if we are sorted at a young age.

That is why deciding what career to choose at a young age is always better. But that doesn’t mean there is no going back! There is always a second chance, a third chance, and so on. We must be satisfied first. We must prioritise peace in jobs first.

“Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.” —John F. Kennedy

There is no harm in leaving behind past decisions and mistakes. You are allowed to build new castles, you are allowed to construct new opinions, and you are definitely allowed to weave a new professional life for yourself.

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Do You Know???

As per an article by CNBC, an analysis by Pew Research stated that around 53% of the working U.S adults who had quit their jobs in 2021, changed their field and occupation. This study highlights the job switch pattern in the U.S!

What Motivates You To Do A Good Job?

There could be many reasons to stay motivated in doing a good job. Money is the biggest factor. So, if you look forward to searching about is the highest paying job? you must be dreaming of a better-paying job. Similarly, work culture, facilities, working hours, type of work, clients, and so many other factors are responsible for motivating you.

This Indicates What?

This indicates that you must find out your source of motivation. Ask yourself and introspect ‘You would work for which thing?’ Chances are also high that you might fail to realise your source of motivation. In that case, do not take any decision in a hurry. There is no fixed age to grab a specific job.

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You are an individual. Your struggles are different. You act according to your preferences. Take your time and first motivate yourself!

  • Explore some relatable YouTube Videos.
  • Do Meditation! This helps exceptionally well.
  • Find out the market scenario. Do research. Look if the market's interest can move you or you don't want to get affected with what's trending.
  • Sort out some options, and discuss them with friends and family.
  • Go for professional career counselling.

There are so many career options today. From social media Vloggers to data entry experts, from psychologists to dentists, from teachers to content writers, from astrologers to HRs, and much more!!! Every field is special in its own way. Remember, if you pick up the highest paying job and have no skills for that, you can still learn skills to get into that job. But if you fail to develop an interest in that, you will not become successful.

So Choose The Career On What Basis?

On the basis of thinking abilities! So, Think, think, and think!

  • Grab a pen and paper and write down what you wish to become and what is attracting you.
  • Then add jobs that are highest paying and trending as per certain market research or community.
  • Then align it with the study that you are pursuing, have pursued, or aim to pursue.
  • Then discuss with professional counsellors, friends, family, mentors, professors, or introspect.
  • Note down the pros and cons and finally choose what you want!
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You Can Become Your Own Boss!

You can even upgrade skills in the trending fields of digital marketing, video editing, graphics and animation, content creation, SEO, affiliate marketing, IT, etc.

You can study various courses online or enrol yourself on the classes. Later on, you can become a freelancer and start your own work. Becoming an entrepreneur is not bad, either!


Seeking motivation in anything you do is the most important thing. We need to stay inspired from choosing a course to landing a full-fledged career. If you aren’t motivated enough, remember you are not letting your career fly high!

Also, if you wish to take a break, pause for a while or switch. You can! You have the right to do so! Remember, we, at Job Huntley, are no one to tell you a specific career to choose. But we are here to help you find amazing options in jobs for whatever career you choose. You are the captain of the ship. No one better than you knows how to reach the destination!


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