How to get a radio job? (Hint: Top 5 skills are required)

By Daisy Brown
Read time 5 min

If you are interested in a creative job, why not try for Radio? Read this blog to know top 5 skills required to get a radio job!

Are you fascinated with the radio industry? Do you dream of letting the whole world listen to your voice? If yes, then you can try getting a job in this field. But how to get a radio job? For sure, this question must be rotating and revolving in your mind. Well, dear creative job seekers, you need the top 5 skills to master the art of Radio!

Radio: The world of entertainment!

Radio is a super interactive medium. With the increase in digital visual communication, radio might have lost its charm but it has not gone extinct. Experts believe radio can never die. Those who are true listeners and are artists themselves, can never let this audio medium go away. But yes, with the advancement of technology, it is highly important to progress and bring certain changes according to the time. Do you know why the radio industry is not going to fail soon? Because:

  • True listeners and fans would not let it happen!
  • It is a good source of local advertisement. So, it fetches money!
  • It is a source of employment too.
  • It is perfect for those who want to keep their ears entertained but focus on some other work, side by side.
  • Radio is anyway no more an audio medium only. It involves great branding, video presence, involvement of celebrities, and much more.

What are the top 5 skills required for a job in the radio industry?

Before we tell you those five skills, remember a radio job is not only about becoming a Radio Jockey. There is much much more to it. A radio station has scriptwriters, copywriters, programmers, finance managers, branding experts, programming heads, and tech experts too. These days, memers, graphic designers, social media experts, videographers, photographers, and video content creators are a big requirement in the radio offices. If you have an interest in any one of these, thumbs up! You can be the one!

So, let us get started and know the top 5 skills that you need to have to land in a radio job.

1. Be Creative

The first demand is to be creative. How would you record a similar advertisement with more influence, how would you convince the audience, how would you advertise similar services/products better, and how would you stand out is the challenge. To win this game, you need to think creatively and out of the box.

2. Be Everready

If you are a candidate who aims to apply for a radio job, you need to be ever ready on the hot seat! Forget deadlines, you need to be extremely spontaneous. You never know what is coming up next in live sessions or what is the audience expecting within seconds! So, if this pressure gives you a thrill, you are absolutely fit for this position.

3. Develop Writing Skills

It is important to analyse how others write their scripts, add punches, convey commercial talks without any boredom, influence the audience for a call to action, and advertise a product/service creatively. If you are an RJ, it is highly recommended to write your own script. Why? Because you know where to pause, add stress, add laughter, be serious, and change the tonality. So, develop a flair for writing!

4. Technical Knowledge Helps To Win!

If you have studied radio, you already have brownie points. So, it is advisable to professionally learn it beforehand. There is no harm in learning fresh in the job itself but why not prepare beforehand if you have decided to choose radio as your career? A degree in Journalism and Mass Communications could be highly beneficial. Because it covers broader aspects-from broadcasting to writing, and from production to radio jockeying!

5. Develop Listening Skills

The biggest mistake you make is - not listening to others! Be it a storyteller, a podcaster, or a competitor radio station, you need to listen to others. This helps you keep updated and gives you a chance to learn new things. Remember,

‘Experience and feedback are good teachers but your competitors are the biggest teachers!’

How to prepare for a radio job?

After you have learnt the skills of landing in a radio job, just take a deep breath and start searching. Job Huntley is a great place to begin your search for your dream job! Till you find a suitable job,

  • You can start writing scripts, stories, radio dramas, and advertisements.
  • Begin a channel of your own. Don’t invest much in a microphone but begin from the scratch.
  • You never know, you become a solo social media star!
  • You can listen to other professionals and self-train yourself till then.
  • Best of all, keep searching for free radio courses and YouTube videos that can help you learn something.
  • And most importantly, you can keep on adding your experience and expertise to your portfolio to brighten the chances of getting a radio job.

Conclusion: 5 radio skills learnt!

So, 5 Skills Learnt? That’s good if you made it to the last section of ‘How to get a radio job? (Hint: Top 5 skills are required).’ We wish you all the best with your radio job. Remember, it is a creative field and if you are creative, sooner or later, you will get a platform. Just keep the faith alive and keep going!