How To Rectify Repetitive Mistakes At Workplace?


Ela Lopez | Aug 8th 2022

No one is perfect and mistakes are pretty common at the workplace. But how to rectify those to have a smooth career? Read the blog to decode some tips and tricks.

Are Mistakes Common?

‌‌Absolutely yes! Mistakes happen. Especially if you are in a new job role. And even if not, then also. So, first and foremost, do not lose confidence in you.

‌‌Step 1: Accept Mistakes

‌‌Accepting your mistake is the first step. It builds a way to rectify the mistake, learn something new, and get better at it.

‌‌Step 2: Search Ways To Rectify It

‌‌Immediately approach a senior/ expert who can assist you. Simply admit your mistake and with curiosity to rectify it and learn it, seek help. This will not make the other person furious. Rather, it would weave a chance to get in the good books.

‌‌Step ‌3: Note Down Each Thing

‌‌There is no harm asking again and again from the expert, till you get it. Because, if you repeat the mistake, you will be at a loss.‌‌ Humbly, ask him/her to repeat and show you practically. Note down steps or pointers that you do not wish to forget, any day.‌

‌‌Step 4: Introspect

‌‌Introspect what made you commit that mistake. Did you lose concentration? Was something else on your mind? Or Were you not clear of the concept?‌‌After you introspect, take a deep breath. Realize the root cause of it and take a firm pledge of not letting that cause hamper your performance from the next time.

‌‌Step 5: Do Not Lose Confidence

‌‌Last, but not the least is- never lose confidence. That's all right if you have made a mistake. If it has caused your organization a great loss, accept it but do not blame yourself this harshly that you are unable to gear up for the next set of challenges.‌

‌‌You Get Perfection With Time

‌‌Heard about practice makes a man perfect? In case you are stuck with the repetitive mistake making process, just take a break. It's better to take a break than committing the same mistakes again and again. Why? Because-‌‌

-It can get your company at huge losses‌‌

-It can put you down‌‌

-It can lower your confidence‌‌

-It can add nuisance in your expertise‌‌

-It can fetch you bad recommendation from the company‌‌.

So after you take a break, keep practicing. Once you get the nerve of it, you are good to go!‌‌

‌‌Develop A Great Habit

‌‌Another habit that you can develop is- writing a diary. Once you express your day, you get light. And after some time, once you read it again, you get the reminders of what you went through, what mistakes you made, and what could have got better.


‌‌" To Err Is Human"

‌‌So, it is pretty normal to make mistakes. But repeating it even after knowing and being conscious isn't right. So, keep going and get better at your weaknesses!‌

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