How To Work and Study at The Same Time? (7 Easy Tips)


Ela Lopez | May 11th 2022

Are you juggling between study and work? Are you finding it difficult to manage time? Or are you also one of those students who aim to complete studies but do not wish on giving up their jobs?

If yes, then don't worry at all. You aren't sailing in this boat alone! Like so many other students, you are also fighting to fetch A+ in both the fields. In this blog post, we will share some nice ideas to boost your time management skills and efficiency. So, read ahead 'How to Work and Study at The Same Time? (7 Easy Tips) to make it worthwhile!

How to balance work and study? (Pull up your socks guys!)

For many people, the idea of balancing work and study together can be daunting. You need time management skills, patience, positivity, and motivation to be able to do it. On a serious note, those who do it may turn out to be the most successful people. If the question of how to study with job keeps triggering your mind, then remember- you have taken the first step towards success.
So, we would like to motivate you to pull up your socks for a journey towards achievements!

Here are 7 easy tips to study while working!

Now is the time to take the reins in your hand and make the most difficult thing easy for you. After all, Stephen Hawking, an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author had once said-

''However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at''

1. Talk to yourself: The first tip is to talk to yourself and examine yourself. Are you ready to take the stress? If you answer Yes to yourself, half of the problems are solved. When you signal your mind to be prepared for the burden or stress, anything that comes up doesn't cause stress.

2. Plan your study and work: Planning is the most important. Use a laptop, phone notes, or chit pats! Whatever suits you, use that but prepare beforehand. It is highly important to divide the topics of your study and align them with the job hours. Keep in mind your free time, family time, some important events, and so on! Don't skip any important doctor's appointment or an important meeting. If you skip it, it will surely pop up in the middle of your planned work. And then boom! You need to start planning again!

3. Inform your employer and teacher: Both the parties need to be aware of your dual responsibility. Communicate with them! This helps to put a positive impression on them. Moreover, if you stay true to your study and work together, it will increase their confidence in you. Then no one can snatch away brownie points from you!

4. Don't sit idle: We don't mean that you should not sit free and breathe. There is a difference between sitting idle and thinking negative and sitting idle but either breathing, watching nature or thinking positive. So, we insist you never sit idle to make your brain loose its strength. Let your brain rest also and work efficiently also.

5. Please don't waste time: Have you heard 'Time and Tide wait for none?' If yes, then why would you waste time??? Time is very precious. Rather than sleeping in bed, and thinking about to-do lists in dreams, it is important to gear up to achieve the goals. Why not use your free time productively and if you finish tasks beforehand, why not use the left time for enjoying?

Wait! Don’t get distracted by this cute GIF. We still have so much to say. So, keep reading ‘How To Work and Study at The Same Time? (7 Easy Tips)’

6. Don't develop dark circles: We mean don't compromise your sleep, please! A tired and sleepy brain can never let you succeed. It stops the body from working and staying attentive. If you sleep on time, you will be able to do study work- work study on time. Simple!

7. Diet and Exercise Mantra: Even if the earth is collapsing and it is time to eat and exercise, just do that! Now you understand the importance? You should never skip your morning or evening exercise or yoga routine. Plus, skipping breakfast is the worst thing you do to yourself. Forget about balancing work and study, you won't be able to stand healthy for routine tasks. If you want energy and a healthy body to be able to handle two things together, just keep this point in your mind.

What else can we do to devote time to studies while doing a full-time job?

Be it full time or part-time, it requires mental and physical strength. So, after you follow the above-mentioned tips, keep one thing in mind- become a tech pro! If you are lagging behind technology, you won't survive in the long run.

  • Use tools that help you sort lesson plans, tasks, and daily duties. Take help with online timetables.
  • Use online tools and resources that help you retain your syllabi.
  • Some tools can help you in the office premises to boost up your work and finish it before time.
  • Use alarms, online meditations, and some apps to relax.

Conclusion: Top tip to manage study while working

The top tip to manage study while working is 'Note down all the tips mentioned above and implement them religiously!' Now that you know 'How to Work and Study at The Same Time? (7 Easy Tips)’, then why not begin this battle?

We genuinely mean it! It's great that you are already one step ahead of others as you are doing two important things in one go. One is helping you to make your finances better and on the other hand, one is making you more knowledgeable than others. You have an edge, dear hard workers. We only wish you don't collapse in the hands of failure, stress, and mood swings. Because these are bound to happen! Just walk ahead, with a smile!

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