Role Of Astrology In Career Planning (Myth or Reality?)


Ela Lopez | May 19th 2022


Dear Readers,
This time Job Huntley is up with an out-of-the-box blog. Those who believe in the ‘Role Of Astrology In Career Planning’ would love it. However, those who do not believe in such things can still read it to satisfy their curious minds. We are sure to tell you some mind-boggling facts about the role of astrology in your careers. So, let’s begin on the path that diverts toward two roads ahead- Myth and Reality. Now, you are the travellers. So decide where you wish to go!

Astrology and Career!

A career is the most important phase of life. One bad decision and you are stuck for a lifetime! Yes, we do have this trend of 'switching careers' at any age. One can do it if he or she is not satisfied with the present job. But you need to agree, such decisions aren't easy. It comes with losses and loads of mental stress. So, right from the selection of subjects during study to landing up in the job, the candidate must have a crystal clear mind. This isn't merely astrological advice but logical scientific advice too.

Astrology and occult sciences play a great role in the selection of one's career. Certain zodiac signs are fit for one thing and other ones are fit for something else. This blog is going to help you figure that out. However, an individual's skill and interest must be given top priority. So, after you sort everything, Job Huntley would help you find an apt job for you. Do you know the next step? - A stable and prosperous life!

Which Career To Choose? (A Brief Guide)

Because of signs, individuals have various traits and skills. Let us know them below. Once you figure out yours, try to seek possibilities in that area.

1. Career Choice for Water Signs
We all know there are twelve zodiac signs. If you are a water sign- Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, then you are fit for healing jobs. How about becoming a healer, a doctor, or a therapist?

2. Fire Signs and their career
Fire signs are born leaders! All the possible candidates with Leo, Aries, and Saggitarius as their zodiac signs, you can become managers, land up in a creative field, can do great with fire jobs, and so on!

3. Earth Signs and their possible careers
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorns are earth signs. So, they are more than happy if they go for a travel job!

4. Air Signs and their career
Air Signs such as Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are absolutely fit for science. Be it handling computers or handling people with sharp words as writers, they fit in!

Career Horoscope (Detailed Guide)

Let us begin exploring job and career options one by one. Along with the career options mentioned above, the ones below must also be considered. But remember, Occult sciences, astrology - field of study, and tarot can guide you. But the decision is yours! If you relate with the following, bingo! You have a path to proceed. Along with that, you have Job Huntley to hunt for your desired jobs and career options. So, why worry?

Aries (Born on March 21- April 19)

A little aggressive, a little competitive, and super strong! Dear Aries, you can become a police officer or an athlete. You have that strength so you can become a manager. But remember, you need to initiate, not over-power! You must walk along with the employees and not act bossy, which is your usual trait.

Taurus (Born on April 20- May 20)

You seem lazy and can be! But the secret is that- you want your time! You go slow and as per strategy. You are the one who would never leave an official conversation unread. You are well with outgoing work, an amazingly organised desk job, or something that has to do with aesthetics.

Gemini (Born on May 21- June 20)

They know how to master the art of writing! Novelists, poets, journalists, and songwriters, all are Gemini! These guys are self-expressive and can do well with their creative imagination. Maybe 'owning' up a business works for them and not getting stuck in a job!

Cancer (Born on June 21- July 22)

Extremely caring, they are the lifeline of any group. They connect emotionally with individuals and jobs. Anything related to guiding, counselling, teaching, or healing works well for them.

Leo (Born on July 23- August 22)

They are public people! A Leo is visible from far-far away! Super attractive, bold, and beautiful Leo craves attention! They are natural leaders and can work in the area of a collaborative work environment, but they aim for complete credit! Any creative career that fetches them the spotlight, a job in the entertainment field, and pious work in the charitable arena work best for them.

Virgo (Born on August 23- September 22)

Science, healthcare, finance- Three major areas requiring logic and analysis are ruled by Virgos! From managing a project to initiating a start-up, Virgos know how to handle it!

Libra (Born on September 23- October 22)

They love justice! So, they are best suited for jobs like lawyers, mediators, judges, or government officials. But whatever these guys do- it is done with sophistication!

Scorpio (Born on October 23- November 21)

They are also attractive and are fit to come in front of the camera. Whenever they address the public, they speak volumes! So, maybe a great orator?

Sagittarius (Born on November 22- December 21)

They expect a dynamic workplace. If anything is monotonous, they won't like it at all! They are life of the party and always want to experience new things. Since they are restless, it is very difficult for them to land up in a single job and settle down. However, they may become great teachers, counsellors, or mentors because the 'philosophical touch' in them is too high! They are also fit for flight attendant jobs, stuntmen jobs, or travel journalism jobs as it involves moving and exploring!

Capricorn (Born December 22- January 19)

They are the best with traditional office jobs. They aren't social butterflies so usually skip non-official meet-ups. A great discipline, sense of perfection, and desire for stability make them perform great in workplaces.

Aquarius (Born on January 20- February 18)

They are the most curious, popping up a hundred questions before the speaker begins his speech! They are usually associated with some Non Profit Organizations and like to work for causes. Apart from this, technology and science are great areas for them as they have a keen interest in mathematics, logic, and science.

Pisces (Born on February 19- March 20)

Psychologists, counsellors, astronauts, actors, or maybe a swimmer? Anything related to water may interest them. They are capable of reading human emotions and understanding certain things that are beyond understanding.


For those who believe in the occult sciences, astrology, and tarot, we wanted to come up with a blog to help them choose their career path. If you find your traits matching with the zodiac signs mentioned above, why not choose a job accordingly? After all, it is anyway better to think and choose a job wisely beforehand, rather than landing up in an unhappy workplace. Above all, Job Huntley is anyway your best buddy in helping you look for your dream job.

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