Top 10 Most Employable Degrees in 2022


Ela Lopez | Mar 1st 2022

“The choices you make now, decide what your future will look like.” - Anonymous

Life is nothing but a series of decisions and choices we make. Of Course, there are plenty of them, but deciding on your college degree right after school is crucial. Many students don’t make an informed choice and end up making bad decisions that affect their careers.

But have you ever wondered why some degrees and courses are more in demand than others? This may be due to a sheer lack of qualified professionals for that niche. Students usually don't consider these things and end up losing good job opportunities.

So, if you too are confused about choosing the right degree for you, don’t go anywhere. In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 most employable degrees of 2022.

# 1. Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

Career- Software Developer

If you are interested in designing software, and if you are fascinated by computer architecture, this is the best course for you. B.SE teaches you to design software from the ground up, and make sure it works well for the users. With everything going digital these days, there is a big scope in this field. This is evident from a job projection of 316,00, and an average salary of $ 107,510.

# 2. Doctor of Medicine (M.D)

Career - Physician

Earning this degree will enable you to get into the healthcare sector of your choice. The opportunities are at an all-time high because of this pandemic. A large chunk of the population is either suffering from Covid or post-covid implications. With this degree, you can perform surgeries, provide diagnoses, and prescribe medications for treating a condition. The projected jobs are around 18,500 with an average salary of $206,500.

# 3. Master of Science in Statistics

Master of Science in Statistics

Career- Statistician

This is a degree in mathematics that involves collecting data for analysis, interpreting the information, and organising the results for a particular issue. This issue can be of any type, like social, scientific, or even industrial.

With an average salary of $91,160, and around 14,800 projected jobs in the US, it is a high paying job. So, if you are fascinated with statistics, you can make a phenomenal career out of it, by pursuing a Master of Science in Statistics.

# 4. Master of Science in Nursery (MSN)

Career- Nurse Practitioner

If you are looking for something that falls between BSN( Bachelor of Science in Nursing), and PA (Physician Assistant), this is the thing for you. This degree can open up multiple career paths like nurse practitioners, nurse educators, or administrators. Especially with the likes of Covid-19 around, there is a big scope in this field. The projected jobs are about 110,700. The average salary stands at   $109,820.

# 5. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine(DVM)

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine(DVM)

Career- Veterinarian

This degree requires an undergraduate degree with a specific focus on veterinary classes. It is a four-year course. In this degree, you will learn the treatment of different animal species. This includes animals from the farm to exotic home pets. Given the number of farm owners and pet owners, you can make some serious money post this course. There are around 14,200 projected jobs and an average salary of $ 95,460.

# 6. Bachelor of Science in Data Science

Career- Data Scientist

Data science is the science of examining specific information, analyzing and visualization of data, and then organizing it all into a report. This course teaches you the use of programming languages, software for data visualization, machine learning, and analyzing information from data platforms. This field of employment is still relatively new and around 10,300 jobs are projected in the USA. The average salary is about $ 94,280.

# 7. MS Speech-Language Pathology

Career- Speech-Language Pathologist

Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology (MS SLP) is a dedicated course focusing on communication disorders and their treatment. A speech-language pathologist works with patients to help them speak normally. These SLPs( Speech-Language Pathologists) play a crucial role in diagnosing and treating children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder). With the aging of the current baby-boom population, this sector is set to grow exponentially over the years. Around 40,500 jobs are projected with an average salary of $79,120.

# 8. Masters of Science in Finance

Masters of Science in Finance

Career- Financial analyst or Accountant

Every business needs to hire an accountant or finance team for keeping a track of expenses, revenue, profit, etc. A Master of Science in Finance is one such course that can get you hired at positions like accountants, or senior financial analysts. A whopping growth of about 26 % is expected in the field by 2026. The average salary ranges from $70,000- $ 120,000.

# 9. Bachelor's of Cybersecurity

Career - Cyber Security Consultant

A Bachelors in Cybersecurity is one of the most impeccable courses in the contemporary world. With the extensive use of technology in every field, hacking poses a serious threat to crucial data and information. To prevent hackers from manipulating this data, businesses and governments hire cybersecurity experts. You can also pursue courses in software application and development, and information technology after passing this course. Future growth of about 28% and a starting median salary of around $75,000 makes it a great career option.

# 10. Bachelor’s in Health Informatics

Bachelor’s in Health Informatics

Career- Evaluation Specialists, Health Researchers

Health informatics involves using technology and analytics for the analysis of medical records, and patient data. A Bachelor’s in Health Informatics basically involves a combined study of healthcare and information technology. It is a highly sought-after course, especially for those interested in any of the sciences or technology. Future growth of around 11% is projected. The average starting salary stands at $93,000.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right course after your high school or graduation can be arduous. But it is indispensable for you to make the right choice based on your interests, available options, and practicality. This article was a little attempt to highlight some of the most trending and sought after degrees you can pursue. I hope it helped.

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