Top 3 Myths About Switching Jobs!


Ela Lopez | Mar 8th 2022

Stay in one company for at least two years, never resign from a job until you have your next one lined up.” From your dad to your teachers, all have this one same piece of advice for switching a job. But some experts of the industry don’t always agree with it. There are many myths like this in the market. Well, in that case whom should you trust?

Don’t worry we are there to guide you through.. The power dynamics between the employers and the job applicants has changed drastically. The market is not the same as it was 10 years ago. It is more ‘’candidate-driven” than ever before. So, why should your approach be the same? Read this till the end to know more.

Myth #1 Short Stints are Fine

“Staying at a job for less than a year looks too bad on your CV.” Almost every corporate professional has heard this once. But it is simply not relevant anymore. In many instances, you really need to leave your current company . Like you may need to relocate due to some reason, and many more possibilities.

Short stints are not considered bad for your resume anymore. Employers have started to accept short & brief periods of employment. As per a report, roughly 32 percent of employers expect job-jumping today. Most people, especially the millennials are most likely to change jobs frequently and quickly.

So, if you get a better  job opportunity, you can pursue it. Don’t waste your time thinking about all that conventional nonsesne. Choose what is right for you, without a second thought.

Myth #2 Don’t Quit Before Getting any Counter Offers From your Current Employer

Don't quit

If you are a valuable employee, and your employer is smart enough. They will make an attempt to keep you. If they consider you as their priority, your resignation would be considered as a ‘regrettable turnover’. So, they will try to retain you by giving you a counter offer.

If you are leaving the job for money or a position, then there are more chances of you accepting the counteroffer. But if it's something else like a change in the work environment or a “once in a lifetime opportunity” you may ignore the counter offer. Anyways, it's great to have one in hand, to give you more flexibility and more options.

Myth #3 Solving the ‘‘Boss Equation’’

Most people stay confused when it comes to handling their boss or manager while resigning. You may feel that you must have an offer first before you reveal it to your boss. It is logical, but the times have changed now. Gone are the days when your managers would crib about you leaving the company. Earlier if somebody left a job, he would be seen as a traitor.

Companies today want to ensure that employees have a smooth exit. Many companies these days have employee return programs for their employees. Their idea is to work with valuable employees for as many years of their careers as possible. This is good for both for you as an employee and for the employer as well.

So, instead of being reluctant to tell your boss about your exit, kep it simple and easy. Tell them, and have a smooth transition to your new role.

The Bottom Line

Switching jobs is an indispensable part of the corporate culture. But like everything else, there are certain do’s and dont’s for it. Don’t make it a big thing in your head. Instead just focus on how you can ensure a smooth switch for everyone. Because in the end, its your own decisions that are responsible for your growth, both as a person and as a professional.

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