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smendyka. Jan 17, 2017. The absolute value function takes any negative or positive term and transforms it into its positive form. Therefore: |−21| = 21.

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21 Absolute means: regardless of sign. Prealgebra . Science Anatomy & Physiology Astronomy ... Prealgebra Negative Numbers and Absolute Value Absolute Value. 1 Answer MeneerNask Dec 27, 2016 #21# Explanation: Absolute means: regardless of sign. Answer link ...

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Absolute value of 21 Get the answers you need, now! vivkum vivkum 10.11.2020 Math Primary School answered Absolute value of 21 2 See answers Advertisement ...

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The absolute value of a number is its distance from zero on a number line . For instance, 4 and − 4 have the same absolute value ( 4 ). So, the absolute value of a positive number is just the number itself, and the absolute value of a negative number is its opposite. The absolute value of 0 is 0 . Easy! The absolute value of x is written as ...

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The absolute value of a number should never be negative. It defines the magnitude and size of the number. The absolute value is written in between the symbol “|”. For example, the absolute value of |-6| is 6. It means that 6 is away from zero, hence the absolute value of -6 is 6. In short, the absolute value refers to the magnitude of the ...

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If our absolute value is greater than or equal to 21, that means that what's inside the absolute value has to be either just straight up greater than the positive 21, or less than negative 21. Because if it's less than negative 21, when you take its absolute value, it's going to be more than 21 away from 0. Hopefully that make sense.

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By definition, the absolute value is the distance from the "0" on a number line to an integer on the number line. Therefore, the absolute value of + 3, for example, is simply three and would be ...

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So the absolute value of 7 is 7. Absolute value of negative 3 is positive 3. Let me mark out the 0 a little bit better, so you see relative to 0. Now we have the absolute value of 8 minus 12. Well, first of all, let's figure out what 8 minus 12 is. So if you take 12 away from 8, you're at negative 4. 12 less than 8 is negative 4.

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Free Absolute Value Calculator - Simplify absolute value expressions using algebraic rules step-by-step

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An absolute value function can be used to show how much a value deviates from the norm. The average internal body temperature of humans is 98.6° F. The temperature can vary by as much as .5° and still be considered normal. On a number line, the normal temperature range for a healthy human appears below. As a function, the equation is y = |x ...
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