List of Job+ - The Alchemist Code Wiki

Upgrades 1st job: Bard. Main: Upgrades Lullaby to Relaxing Lullaby, which changes it to inflicts Physical Damage, with only 50% chance of Sleep. Upgrades Healing Poem to All-Healing Poem, which increases the HP healed and increases Healing by 30% (stackable up to 3 times) for 2 turns.

(Alchemist Code) Spica Job+ Review - YouTube

Hello Alchemist Code People,Today we're looking at Spica and her Countrertastic Job+. It's everything that Warrior Goliath was and more. Lots of on element...

The Alchemist Code Reroll Guide and Unit/Gear Review

Step2: 1500 gem cost. Step3: 2500 gem cost – gives one guaranteed banner unit. Generally you either only do step1, or you go all the way to step3. There isn’t much point in rolling step2 unless you’re going to go for step 3. The same principle applies to gear gacha, except the gem amounts are 300-900-1500.

Guides and Rankings - The Alchemist Code Wiki

The following are some useful guides and references for the game: The Alchemist Code: Beginner's Guide Charge Time, Cast Time, Quicken and Overclock explained (YouTube video) Charge Time Planning (GoogleDoc) Gem Sources Zeni Management Shard Farm Priority Team Building Gear Optimization Exchange Rates (advice on evaluating bundle and item pricing to determine when it's discounted) TAC Story ...

Ewan - Unit - The Alchemist Code

Ewan is the always smiling commander of the Greed Dike Army. Although he one that likes to joke around, he does keep a bit of a distance from others. He treasures life above all, lamenting senseless violence and makes clear to others of his ideals.

Chihaya - Unit - The Alchemist Code

AGI +20 Wind Res +10 Missile Res +13 Silence Res +64 Jewels Spent Rate -19

Job Enhancement Overview : AlchemistCodeGL - reddit

114 votes, 137 comments. I wanted to put together a little something comparing the changes that each of the new job enhancements provide versus …

Reddit - Dive into anything

Welcome to the 176th Alchemist's Toolbox review! Today we're heading to Greed Dike (or more accurately, the Avaritia Belt Region) to take a look at one of the more unique Thunder units out there. ... Jobs: Benika's 3 jobs are Dracolyte Priestess, Bishop, and Blacksmith, with the Sacrament JE for Bishop and the Ironcutter JE for Blacksmith ...

A Book Review: The Alchemist - odysseyonline

That's the world's greatest lie." Paulo Coelho's, The Alchemist, is a true masterpiece. The novel depicts the journey of a young Andalusian shepherd, Santiago, on his way to find his Personal Legend. For two nights, Santiago encounters the same dream, illustrating a young girl showing him a path to a treasure at the foot of the Egyptian pyramids.

The Alchemist Code Tier List (April 2022)- Hero Unit, Element, & Job Class

Overlord Vassal, Ninja, Blademaster. Aranea. Dark. Imperial Commodore, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Dark Cavalier. Rosa (Disgaea) Dark. Succubus, Enchanter, Netherworld Mage. I am sure with The Alchemist Code tier list there’s no stopping you from acing the game given you have your eyes set on Tier S & Tier A and to the least extent Tier B heroes.
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