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AlgoExpert Technology, Information and Internet New York, NY 41,262 followers Ace the technical interviews at Follow View all 16 employees About us AlgoExpert helps Software...

Clement Mihailescu - Co-Founder & CEO - AlgoExpert | LinkedIn

Co-Founder & CEO AlgoExpert Feb 2017 - Present6 years 2 months Remote Building the best technical-interview-prep and learn-to-code platforms for Software Engineers ( and...

I Got A Job at AlgoExpert! - YouTube

I Got A Job at AlgoExpert! 69,062 views Nov 16, 2020 3.9K Dislike Tech With Tim 974K subscribers So I managed to get a job at AlgoExpert! What does this mean for the future of Tech With Tim?...

AlgoExpert vs LeetCode (How I got my Google Job Offer)

1.3K 45K views 11 months ago #leetcode #google #algoexpert AlgoExpert vs LeetCode? This video is going to provide an in-depth comparison of AlgoExpert and Leetcode. Having used both of these...

AlgoExpert Company Profile | Management and Employees List - Datanyze

AlgoExpert Profile and History . The leading platform to prepare for coding interviews. Master essential algorithms and data structures, and land your dream job with AlgoExpert. Popular Searches. AlgoExpert. Algo Expert Inc. Revenue. $480 K. Employees. 5. Primary Industries. Consumer Services Repair Services. CEO

AlgoExpert vs Leetcode : r/cscareerquestions - reddit

The main benefit that AlgoExpert has over LeetCode is that it has a much smaller, focused selection of problems where you can gradually progress at a steady rate through easys > mediums > hards. But you can figure out something similar on LeetCode without too much difficulty.

AlgoExpert vs Leetcode for Data Science Job Interviews

AlgoExpert was designed by a previous Google/Facebook software engineer Clement Mihailescu, who saw the need for a structured skills platform. The platform was designed for students to learn and master the core basics of those algorithms that are needed to ace the software development technical screening.

Finally got a job offer!!! : cscareerquestions - reddit

I found algoexpert helpful & worth the money. $130 or whatever is nothing compared to even a 100k+ coding salary. You're paying for the video explanations that explain the logic behind the solutions & how the hard problems build on shit you learn in the easier ones. 4 level 2 Op · 2 days ago Thanks a lot! 6 level 1 · 1 day ago How much? 5 level 1

Judiao Mbaua on LinkedIn: AlgoExpert Certificate

Senior Software Engineer - Java 11 Professional Certified| Spring Professional Certified Report this post

My Honest Review of AlgoExpert - Medium

AlgoExpert AlgoExpert offers a crash course on data structures, mock interviews and approximately 125 practice questions. According to the website, this is enough material to pass the coding...
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