Terminal "Permission Denied" - Need more info on error message

I saw that the android shell guide says "The built-in shell has very limited error handling. When you type a command name >incorrectly it will say "permission denied", even though the real problem is that it >couldn't find the command:" Does anyone know how to get more information on this "permission denied" error? file-system terminal

How can I execute command in the terminal as root? - Android ...

Your Android device has Terminal Emulator installed. If all the 4 conditions above are satisfied, then: If you want to enter the shell and become root (superuser uid 0) so you can execute commands without uid restrictions, start the Terminal Emulator app and just execute this command: su -

android adb shell permission denied - Stack Overflow

If the device hasn't crashed completely (/system/bin/sh is a dependency for a lot of things - rebooting may not get very far!) and the system partition is still writable, you might be able to adb push a new copy of bash, where you have set the permission bits as desired on the host system before pushing it (you may have to use cygwin or even linux in order to have permission bits locally)

Android: adb: Permission Denied - Stack Overflow

23. The reason for "permission denied" is because your Android machine has not been correctly rooted. Did you see $ after you started adb shell? If you correctly rooted your machine, you would have seen # instead. If you see the $, try entering Super User mode by typing su. If Root is enabled, you will see the # - without asking for password.

Terminal emulator in Android is giving me 'Permission Denied ... - reddit

To access your SD-card, go to /storage and find the folder with a name in the form of XXXX-XXXX, where X are random digits/letters. You may need to grant the app permission to access the external SD card, and it just won't work with some apps, so, well, you may have to switch your emulator to a different one if it doesn't work.

Android Terminal Emulator "Permission denied" : r/techsupport - reddit

Android Terminal Emulator "Permission denied". I'm trying to change the MAC address on my phone, but it gives me this: :/ $ ip link set wlan0 adress 02:00:47:37:DE:7A (This is what I entered, not the response) request send failed: Permission denied (Response) Help would be greatly appreciated! 1. 1. 1 comment. Best.

[Q] "su" permission denied -superuser not denying Terminal Emulator

When i type "su" in terminal emulator permission is denied. I am setting the system folder as read/write using root explorer. I tried it with just root set as read/write I tries it with both as read/write Still no go -permission denied Superuser does not have any apk listed as being denied root access.

[Q] How do I get SU in a terminal emulator? | XDA Forums

Ok so some background, I am running the newest molten and enjoying it thouroughly but just noticed that when i open terminal emulator and type SU to get root access in the terminal it says permission denied and most other commands return same error, i downloaded a differant terminal emulator that checks for the su.bin and it shows no su binary ...

[ Mobile Terminal ] Fix Permission Denied Error Easily - YouTube

[ Mobile Terminal ] Fix Permission Denied Error Easily - YouTube Some time you may see the Permission Denied Error in mobile Terminal or ios terminal even if you type Su and password.....

"Permission Denied" when trying to open a file in Terminal

I was trying to open a file (a keygen to be more precise).it was non-executable so I used chmod +x command in terminal and everything went well to this point.after this when I tried to open the...
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