Using TypeScript Enums in Angular Templates | Wijmo

In Wijmo components, we use Enums for certain properties to make the development easier. In our Angular DataGrid, we can easily set the selectionMode property from a predefined list of options. For another example, we can specify the FlexChart.chartType property value with the following line of code: chart.chartType = ChartType.Column;

Usage of enums in templates not possible? · Issue #2885 · angular ...

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Use TypeScript enum values in Angular HTML templates

There are many ways to do this but I like to use this technique which requires defining the enum in your component class: 1. 2. // Expose enum to HTML template. myEnum: typeof MyEnum = MyEnum; And then using it in your component template: 1. *ngSwitchCase="myEnum.Done".

Allow constants, enums, functions to be used in templates without ...

Add Module / Global scoped variables to Angular Template Syntax #47560 Closed mentioned this issue Native Expressions - Angular's answer to JSX. #47570 pkozlowski-opensource mentioned this issue request| feat (template): provide alias for constructor in template to access statics #9962 Closed Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub .

TypeScript enums vs. types for writing readable code

Java enums are a special kind of Java class used to define collections of constants. JavaScript, however, does not have the enum data type, but they are now, fortunately, available in TypeScript since version 2.4. Enums allow us to define or declare a collection of related values that can be numbers or strings as a set of named constants.

NgSwitch with Enum - Thinkster

NgSwitch with an enum In our previous example we used the NgSwitch directive in Angular with hard coded string values. This is not very practical. Rather, we can specify an expression to each NgSwitchCase directive that is evaluated against the expression that is provided to the NgSwitch root directive.

TypeScript Enums - W3Schools

An enum is a special "class" that represents a group of constants (unchangeable variables). Enums come in two flavors string and numeric. Lets start with numeric. Numeric Enums - Default By default, enums will initialize the first value to 0 and add 1 to each additional value: Example enum CardinalDirections { North, East, South, West }

Working with String Enums in TypeScript | HTML Goodies

Here’s the enum that we’ll be using to set a drop-down of language choices in an Angular application: export enum SupportedLanguages { en = 'English', fr = 'français', es = 'Español' } To reference enum values, we would treat them as object attribute and access them using dot (.) notation:

Understanding Enumerations - Angular inDepth

TypeScript enum Strings By leveraging array notation we can even easily convert our enum to a string: <> // We can even get the string value const directionName: string = Compass[Compass.South]; console.log('directionName', directionName); // directionName South This works because our enum value directly matches the index of each item.

Angular i18n: Translate Enums | by Piotr Lewandowski

#1 in-place enum translation In Angular 10, team has introduced global marker $localize. We can translate enums and strings in-place. This is enough to let angular compiler know to replace messages to different language. enum TodoState { TODO = $localize`Not started`, IN_PROGRESS = $localize`In progress`, DONE = $localize`Finished`, }
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