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When I run it I get "Remote Desktop got an error: AppleEvent handler failed." number -10000 on "execute copyTask on targets". I can substitute the copy items task for other Remote Desktop tasks and they execute fine. I can copy the items with the Remote Desktop program. Sample scripts I've found use the same syntax that I have.

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var errAEEventFiltered: Int. Event has been filtered and should not bepropagated (1.1 or greater) var errAEDuplicateHandler: Int. Attempt to install handler in table foridentical class and ID (1.1 or greater) var errAEStreamBadNesting: Int. Nesting violation while streaming. var errAEStreamAlreadyConverted: Int.

Applescript: Finder got an error: AppleEvent handler failed

AppleScript - AppleEvent handler failed. 0. Searching/duplicating multiple files in folder using Applescript. 2. How to refresh Finder Item icon in 10.8? 1. UNIX ZIP(1L) doesn't include top Directory of Application. 0. Applescript to get a list of file's hashes in a folder. 2.

email - Why does this AppleScript get an "AppleEvent handler failed ...

When running it from Script (so it goes through the on run and tell me to) and a small number of Junk messages select in Mail (this is under Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard), it seems to work for the first message (opening a new redirected message, w/to recipient set, and CC/BCC fields emptied), and the other redirected message windows open ...

AppleEvent Handler Failed - DEVONthink - DEVONtechnologies Community

AppleEvent Handler Failed. DEVONthink. devonthink3, automation. Mrmagpie September 13, 2022, 11:02am #1. Hi all, I’ve another annoying AppleScript question/problem. I’ve written a script which iterates groups and extracts file metadata into a DT sheet. It’s iterating and extracting the data just fine, but when it goes to save the data to ...

Error Numbers and Error Messages - Apple Developer

The Apple event handler failed.-10001. A type mismatch has occurred.-10002. Invalid key form was detected.-10003. The specified object cannot be modified. ... The Apple event handler only handles single objects.-10015. The previous action can’t be undone.-10016. The Apple event handler does not handle remote events.

AppleEvent handler failed Messages Big Sur : applescript - reddit

Here is my code (phone number is blocked out for obvious reasons): tell application "Messages" set targetChat to make new chat with properties {id:"SMS;-;+XXXXXXXXXXX"} send "Test" to targetChat end tell. In Big Sur, Messages is now a Catalyst app, and I believe those do not support AppleScript. Hence, AppleScript no longer works for Messages.

OSX not booting/can't mount EFI |

Mar 14, 2016. I'm having the same problem, i am using EFI Mounter in OSX on my macbook pro running Yosemite, in preparation for building my hackintosh. The EFI Mounter DID work initially but soon as i rebooted after installing KextBeast it no longer shows me the EFI in Finder. This is the second time this has happened.

Pesky AppleScript Problem! | Mac Support

Hey folks, I'm working on a large AppleScript that splits Pages documents based upon their paragraph style, but this particular handler is giving me trouble. It keeps saying, "Apple Event Handler Failed.

Mail Applescript "set new mail sound" -> … - Apple Community

The following Applescript segment works in Snow Leopard and fails in Lion with "AppleEvent handler failed. number -10000" tell application "Mail" set new mail sound to "Glass" end tell. In addition, the Apple-supplied, Mail Applescript for gathering Mail information "Display All Accounts and Preferences.scpt" fails
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