Atom editor: autocomplete-python package doesn't work, Jedi problem ...

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python - How to configure Atom to run Python3 scripts? - Stack Overflow

You can use the Atom package atom-python-run to launch python code from Atom, the python version can be configured in the package settings. By default atom-python-run uses the syntax python {file}. If the python command on your system is not yet pointing to python3, just replace the setting and write python3 {file}. Share Improve this answer Follow

Autocomplete Providers · atom/autocomplete-plus Wiki · GitHub

View and insert possible completions in the editor while typing - Autocomplete Providers · atom/autocomplete-plus Wiki

Atom’s Hydrogen for writing data science projects with Python

Therefore I recommend you add the autocomplete-python package. Click on Atom > Preferences > Install > type “autocomplete-python”. and click Install. If you find some troubles in autocompleting basic Python keywords and variables, it may be that the grammar file is not copied correctly. To fix it, you can try the following code in your ...

Setting up Atom as a Python IDE [A How To Guide] - HackerNoon

ctrl +. (on Linux or a PC), and. cmd +. (on a Mac). Alternatively to bring up the Settings View, you can click on the Install tab, and type the package name you want to install into the Search packages search box. For the rest of us who actually like to use the terminal window, I provide shell commands below. 2.

text editor - Disable autocompletion in Atom - Ask Ubuntu

So I just recently got into coding (Python) and I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and the Atom text editor. A very annoying feature is the auto-completion. For example, I type in x (a variable I set previously) and when I press enter to get to the next line, it autocompletes to # XXX: for some reason. That's very annoying and I want to disable that feature.

How to use an external editor to edit IronPython scripts - with ...

Download and install Atom from Download the correct set of stubs from this page. Unzip them to a folder on your machine (in the example I've unzipped to c:spotfire-stubs). Run Atom. Within Atom, install the 'autocomplete-python' package - this package will use our 'stubs' to support autocomplete.

Create an Awesome Development Setup for Data Science using Atom

Atom integrates well with Kite, which tries to integrate AI and autocomplete. So, to enable autocomplete with Kite, we can use the package named autocomplete-python in Atom. The install steps remain the same as before. i.e. Ctrl+Shift+P > Settings > + Install > autocomplete-python> Install You will also see the option of using Kite along with it.

Overview of Atom IDE | DataCamp

Autocomplete If you’re just starting out in Python, it can be beneficial to have the auto-complete feature. "The autocomplete system lets you view and insert possible completions in the editor using Tab or Enter. The Autocomplete functionality is implemented in the autocomplete-plus package" ( Autocomplete ).

How to setup ATOM as your Python development environment

If you try to open a Python project using ATOM you will notice that things are not working well. This happens because ATOM uses pep8 , flake8 and jedi packages in its plugins. That’s why we need ...
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