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Primary duties: A back end developer builds, updates and maintains the server-side infrastructure, or "back end," of a website or application. They make sure that the assets on the user-end are functional and data is efficiently and securely stored.

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Coding 12 Jobs You Can Land After a Coding Bootcamp [2023 Guide] Sakshi Gupta | 12 minute read | November 23, 2022 Completing a coding bootcamp is a great way to pick up new skills as a programmer. But a bootcamp education is only half the battle.

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The best web development bootcamps cover multiple coding languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ruby, React, and Python. While web development and web design bootcamps may feature similar curricula, these programs prioritize different areas. Web design programs emphasize user expertise, interface design, and general design principles.

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For example, if a site has a form, the back-end developer controls what happens after the form is submitted. Back-end developers often need to work with servers, APIs, data, and data storage processes. Back-end developers earn an average annual salary of $90,650, according to Payscale data from Jan. 2023.

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55 Best Back-End Bootcamps Filters Simplilearn 4.4/5 (1321 reviews) $0.00 - $4,750.00 Course count: 50 Alumni count: 0+ Offers remote learning Programs available Data Science, Data Analytics, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Product Management, Full Stack Development, Cybersecurity Description

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Backend Developer Bootcamps Several of the best coding bootcamps offer backend courses to help you enter the tech industry. You can learn the ropes of object oriented programming and enter the field within just a few months of study.

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates backend developers are seeing an explosion in job growth over the next decade, estimating anywhere between 10-21 percent increase. SwitchUp offers a list of coding bootcamps to help aspiring developers learn the programming languages necessary to compete in the field of backend engineers and developers.

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The Springboard Software Engineering Career Track is a comprehensive bootcamp with over 800 hours of content. Students graduate the course job-ready, with a guarantee that if you don’t land a job in six months, then you’ll get your money back. The course is delivered online with live classes and live sessions with your personal mentor.

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New! Advance with Backend Development. Do you know programming but are new to backend? This is a 22-week part-time boot camp for anyone that wants to deepen their code skills into backend programming using Node.js. Apply now Download more info Take the next step in your career with backend development

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The difference between a front end and backend developer is that a front end developer focuses on the user-facing side, considering things like responsive design and UX design. Find Your Bootcamp Match Get matched to top tech bootcamps. Access exclusive scholarships and prep courses. Select your interest
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