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2 Answers Sorted by: 3 If you are unfamiliar with recursion, this is a great resource that explains it well within a Java context. In a recursive binary search, the recursive method will reduce the search space if it cannot find the correct index. With the reduced search space the method will call itself to find the index within this reduced space.

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The code posted is not a Binary Search and is, in fact, a Linear Search using recursion. A Binary Search divides the search space in half each step, binary meaning "two halves" in context. The result is that this Linear Search runs in O(n) and not the expected O(lg n) bounds of a Binary Search. Problems/issues (other than it not being a Binary ...

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If the value at the middle index is smaller, then we call the binary search function recursively and pass the starting index as middle+1, and the ending index will be the same. If, in any case ending index is less than starting index, that means the target value is not present in the array, so we will return -1 in that case.

How to code Binary Search Algorithm using Recursion in Java? Example

Just copy the code and save it into file and then compile using javac command and run using java command. import java.util.Scanner; /* * Java Program to implement binary search algorithm * using recursion */ public class BinarySearchRecursive { public static void main ( String [] args) { Scanner commandReader = new ...

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Binary Search | LeetCode 704 | Java | Recursive | Iterative 942 views Oct 8, 2020 19 Dislike Share Save Programming Tutorials 14.3K subscribers In this tutorial, I have explained Binary...

InOrder traversal of Binary tree in Java using Recursion and Iteration ...

One of the important properties of inorder traversal is that it prints the nodes in sorted order if the given binary tree is a binary search tree. Remember, a binary tree is called a binary search tree if all nodes in the left subtree are lower than the root and all nodes in the right subtree are greater than the root. To learn more about the ...

Java program for Binary Search Using Recursion

Step 1: Declare a recursive function with parameters (int arr [], int ele, int start, int end) Step 2: Base Case : if (start> end) return -1. Step 3: Let int mid = (start + end)/2; Step 4: if (arr [mid] == ele) return mid; Step 5: if (arr [mid] >ele) end = mid -1; Else start = mid +1; Step 6: Return Recursive func (arr,ele,start,end); Program:

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With regard to time complexity, recursive and iterative methods both will give you O(log n) time complexity, with regard to input size, provided you implement correct binary search logic.; Focusing on space complexity:. The iterative approach is more efficient since we are allocating a constant amount O(1) of space for the function call and constant space for variable allocations.

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Java Program for Binary Search (Recursive and Iterative)

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