BitLife Jobs Guide: All of the Best Paying Jobs and How to Get Them

Features. In BitLife, the text-based life simulator, you can live any type of life you want to. You can become a world-renowned movie star, save millions as a doctor, or just literally do nothing and wave your life away. Some of you though will want to have a long and successful career, making millions in the process.

BitLife: All of the Highest Paying Jobs and How To Get Them

The List of High Paying Jobs. The high paying jobs that are obvious to most people are becoming a doctor, a lawyer, or a business executive. This includes becoming the CEO, the Executive Vice President, and more. Or, if you are in tune with the tech scene, you’ll know that going into the tech industry is also a good way to get paid well.

The highest paying jobs in BitLife - Gaming Ideology

While attaining that level of earnings in Bitlife may prove to be a challenge too far, you can still expect to make six or seven-figure amounts if you work at being a CEO in the game. Be ready for the long run though as the path to CEO is one of the longest in the game, beginning as a business engineer, however in completion, the reward will be ...

BitLife: Full Guide to Part-Time Jobs and Freelancing

With part time jobs, you can also choose to request more hours and attempt to parlay this into a full-time job, or close to it. Keep the same part-time job for as long as possible, unless a much better opportunity comes up. Like with the full-time jobs, the longer you stay in a part-time job, the more likely you are to get a promotion or a raise.

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Doctor. This is another profession that gets you a good salary in BitLife. You can do it by having high smarts. Complete school with flying colors and then join a medical school and finish that with good grades as well. These are all the highest paying jobs and careers in BitLife.

BitLife Careers Guide: How to Become a Porn Star, Music Composer ...

Taking on these jobs will give you a higher chance of having job openings in the pornographer career path. However, don’t stay with these jobs because you won’t get promoted into anything. Instead, you should check the job listings every year and see if pornographer careers have openings. Being a porn star/porn director is a lucrative job.

How to Get a Corporate Job in BitLife - Touch, Tap, Play

You can get most corporate jobs in BitLife by getting a university degree applicable to the job. Some jobs like Apprentice Telemarketer and others don’t even require a degree and you can just apply to get hired. However, if you want to become a CEO of a company, it’s better to visit the business school once you graduate from a university ...

CAREERS GUIDE : r/BitLifeApp - reddit

Here is a list of all the careers in Bitlife & how to get them. Enjoy! Jobs that do not require a degree: Actor (high looks), air force enlistee (high health), army enlistee (high health), auto mechanic, ... Engineering: architect, chemical engineer, & mechanical engineer. English: editor (high smarts & 7 yrs experience) & reporter (high looks).

BitLife: How to Become a Vet -

The BitLife job that fans are looking for at this point is Jr. Veterinarian, and they should have no trouble landing it if they have the requisite education. Once a player has secured a job as a ...

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You have to study the correct course in college Sometimes hard to do if you where born with low smarts PITA!!! 1. level 2. Op · 3 yr. ago. I've always started with really high smarts and study every year and I've followed every single thing online to get it and studied everything possible and I've never even seen the option for it. 1.
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