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Career progression: 3-7 years to get promoted to bartender and another 3-5 years to get promoted to senior bartender. Average starting pay: 18k-25k. Cashier. Academic requirement: None. Stats: 10% intelligence, 0% looks, 30% health. Career progression: None, as no position higher than cashier.

How to do the I Hate Work Challenge in BitLife - Gamepur

There are three requirements you need to do complete this challenge. Get reported to HR 10+ Times Get fired from 10+ full time jobs Kill 3+ supervisors The first two are pretty easy to complete,...

What Career Pays The Most In Bitlife | Bd Jobs Today

The highest paying jobs in BitLife are;Royalty – King or QueenCEO of A CompanyPresident of a CountryLead ActorChief JusticeAthleteDoctorModelCriminalChief of PoliceAmong this list for some countries Royalty can be considered as the highest paying job in BitLife. Now let’s discuss one by one from the above list.

Bitlife Guide: How to Complete Sinderella Challenge

Bitlife is a text-based life simulation that allows you to experience a virtual life to complete your wishes that you can’t achieve in real life. You can choose your character, gender, and birthplace to start your life. In this challenge, you have to be born as a female character and start your struggle to complete objectives.

Doing Anything It Takes to get a Raise at my Job in Bitlife - Office ...

Doing Anything It Takes to get a Raise at my Job in Bitlife - Office Life updateGet Bitlife -

BitLife: How to Become a Stripper - Game Rant

The first thing that a player that is interested in becoming a stripper should focus on is their Looks stat. Indeed, a high Looks stat can make securing this job in BitLife much easier, and it is ...

How to complete the Joker Challenge in BitLife - Gamepur

These are the requirements for the challenge. Be a male. Become a clown. Rob a bank with a silly string. Kill 6+ people. Escape prison 3+ times. The first series of tasks are fairly straight ...

BitLife - Play BitLife Online on SilverGames

BitLife. BitLife is a fascinating life simulator that challenges you to make the right choices for your life. Are you ready to live a complex life full of hard decisions, lots of ups and downs and all the challenges the world has to offer you? Then play this amazing free online game and try to take your character through a beautiful journey.

Crazy Cat Lady Challenge Bitlife - How to Complete

To complete the Bitlife Crazy Cat Lady challenge, the first step is to have your character be born a female. That part is pretty easy. You can use a preexisting character for this, or just make a new one from scratch. Next, you’ll need a huge house in order to be able to get a ton of cats, and by huge, I mean around the size of Equestrian property.

Updates & patches | Bitlife Wiki | Fandom

BitLife has received many updates since launch. A new major update releases each two-weeks to a month, with over 45 major updates having been released for iOS. Here is a list of all the updates for iOS and Android versions, with their respective official descriptions found on Google Play and the App Store. Most recent Android updates are known ...
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