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Here's the link to that guide: Bitlife Fame Careers. (1.2.1) Jobs with no academic requirements: Nun. Academic requirement: None. Stats: Female, 10% intelligence, 0% looks, 30% health. Career progression: None, as no position higher than a nun. Average starting pay: 7k-8k Monk. Academic requirement: None.

Office Olympian Challenge in BitLife Guide - ISK Mogul Adventures

How to complete the Office Olympian Challenge in BitLife. The Office Olympian challenge has five tasks you will need to complete: Work a corporate job in Scranton, Pennsylvania; Prank a single co-worker 5+ times; Get a promotion while working less than expected; Get a co-worker fired; Marry a co-worker; This challenge is a bit complicated ...

How to complete the Deadliest Catch Challenge in BitLife

You will need to complete five tasks if you want to add this finished challenge to your collection. Be born a female in Alaska. Become a crab fisherman. Contract 2+ STDs. Sleep with 5+ Co-workers ...

BitLife: How to Complete the Sinderella Challenge - Game Rant

BitLife: How to Complete the Sinderella Challenge The first task in the Sinderella Challenge is to be born as a female commoner, and it is extremely easy to complete. Indeed, players simply...

How to Complete the Dirty Jobs Challenge in BitLife

If you don’t find each job right away, you can close and reopen the BitLife app. It’ll take a minimum of 50 years to accomplish this, so you’ll want to start as soon as possible. There is one exception, though. Related: How to Complete the World BitCup Challenge in BitLife. Becoming a lawyer in BitLife isn’t as easy as turning 18 and ...

How to complete the Dirty Jobs Challenge in BitLife - Gamepur

These are all the tasks you will need to complete if you want to finish the Dirty Jobs challenge in BitLife. Become a lawyer for 10+ years. Become a Porta Potty Pumper for 10+ years. Become a ...

How to Complete the Office Olympian Challenge in BitLife

To achieve the Office Olympian Challenge players must first create a BitLife character who lives and works in Scranton, Pennsylvania in the USA. They can be any gender so don’t worry too much about choosing a gender or name. Once your character has become an adult, get them a corporate job in the same city and follow these steps:

BitLife O Challenge Guide: How to Complete the O Challenge

Choose Biloxi As Your City Of Birth, No Hanky-Panky At School. The most important thing to keep in mind when starting out BitLife’s O Challenge is that your character needs to be a female born in Mississippi. That means choosing Biloxi as your birth city and, if you have God Mode, setting up your character in such a way that she has at least ...

10 Hardest Challenges in BitLife - Touch, Tap, Play

3 – The Tanya Bregar Challenge. This challenge will ask you to adopt a rabbit and name it Coco, make 10 children, marry a rich person, and burgle 10 houses. 2 – The Office Olympian Challenge. In order to complete this challenge, you will have to interact with your co-workers. The hardest task in this challenge is to get a promotion while ...

How to Complete the Hells Kitchen Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Hells Kitchen Challenge in BitLife Below are the five tasks you have to complete for the Hells Kitchen Challenge in BitLife: Be born a male in the UK Get into college on a soccer scholarship Become a famous chef Insult coworkers 25+ times Appear on talk shows 10+ times Being Born as a Male in the UK
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