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This would lead to very confusing behavior if you have to toggle a class or remove it. You can also add a class to the body element when an event occurs, e.g. when a button is clicked.. Here is the HTML for the next example.

add class to body javascript Code Example -

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In JavaScript, adding a class name can be done in a couple of ways. First, we select the desired HTML element. Then, we have a choice to either use the className property or the add () method to add the class name to the element. We will go through the syntax and use in the next section.

javascript body addclass Code Example -

var someElement= document.getElementById("myElement"); someElement.className += " newclass";//add "newclass" to element (space in front is important)

add class to body javascript Code Example -

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Answer (1 of 3): You may use .add() method to add a class to any selected element. Step1: Create a class name first: .new_prop{ background: #F00; } Step2: create the ...

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I begin to understand something. I'm using wordpress, and I have a page listing 10 posts with images. In this case, the "loading" class is being added and removed in each post when the image is loaded. I need the same to happen in my situation. As long as the "loading" class is active, then my class in the body will also be. –

JavaScript: Add a CSS class to an element. - This Interests Me

Luckily enough, the JQuery library has a method called addClass, which can be used to add CSS classes to an element. Let’s modify the example above to use JQuery instead of vanilla JavaScript: setTimeout (function () { //Add the CSS class using the JQuery addClass method. $ ('#intro').addClass ('newClass'); }, 5000); The code snippet above ...

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Btw, pages load faster if scripts are at the bottom (right before the closing body tag), rather than in the head section, although there are still reasons you might want a script to load earlier in some cases.

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Get a Developer Job Become a Front-End Dev. How TO - Add a Class ... Tip: Learn more about the classList property in our JavaScript Reference. Tip: Learn more about the className property in our JavaScript Reference. Previous Next ...
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