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Rated as the best book for GMAT quantitative section, the books include the exam content only, excluding unnecessary concepts and questions. The math and verbal guide will help you strengthen your basics fundamentally. The quantitative section is quite strong and easily explained in this book. Overall, the Kaplan GMAT book is the most sought ...

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GMAT Official Guide 2021. The Graduate Management Admission Council or GMAC offers an official guide for GMAT aspirants known as the GMAT Official Guide, which is updated on a yearly basis. It comprises all the levels of questions, such as easy, medium, and hard. A brand new feature that this book includes is flashcards.

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GMAT Books and Study Guides for your GMAT Preparation. This is a list of Manhattan Review's GMAT Preparation Books and other recommended books to prepare and guide to the GMAT. All of these books are available on Amazon. Just click on the book title or the cover image to open on Amazon.

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Manhattan Prep’s GMAT Books (MGMAT) TL;DR: This is an excellent series of GMAT prep books. The newer versions (“All the GMAT”) are slightly better for Problem Solving questions and in terms of overall organization. However, the old ones are really top-notch as well—and can come quite a bit cheaper. The best GMAT prep book award goes to ...

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The GMAT is an exam to find candidates for business school, so everything you’re asked to do is designed to find people who are able to think in a logical, business-like way. You should explore a GMAT official guide’s explanation of the GMAT, read this blog post on the GMAT, and start exploring some of the GMAT resources to get a feel for it.

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The Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guide Set is in line with the GMAC Official Guide, 2015. Following are the Manhattan Prep books for different GMAT Question Types: GMAT Roadmap (ISBN: 9781941234099) Number Properties GMAT Strategy Guide (ISBN: 9781941234051) Algebra GMAT Strategy Guide (ISBN: 9781941234006)

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4. Total GMAT Math (Jeff Sackmann) Sackmann’s Total GMAC Math falls firmly into the good but unfriendlier category. It is a great resource to build up your maths knowledge. It covers topics extensively, but you’ll need a good foundation to get value from this book.

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Ideal book for a trip, but works well for GMAT too - great language, good sentence structure, and great useful vocabulary. 4.5 stars on Amazon and recommended by several members as well. ... This was the first book I read after starting business school - good language, captivating plot that will have you read through nights and a lot to learn ...

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Here are 29 of the best jobs for book lovers: 1. Library page. National average salary: $11.38 per hour. Primary duties: Library pages sort books, check for overdue books, locate items for patrons and prepare the library facilities for events. They spend their days handling books and maintaining organizational systems used to store media.

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Learn the art and power of the written word with an Editing Course over on Coursera. 7. Literary agent. Average salary: $59,430 (£42,950) If you’re the type who reads different books simultaneously and loves discovering new authors, then you can probably make a killing as a literary agent.
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