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There is no such function for a file in general. It really depends upon what you are trying to do. If, for example, you want to open a file just once then you'll be using a stream. The existence of the stream instance (meaning not null) is generally indicative that it is open because of how you will scope it.

The best way to check if a file exists using standard C/C++

The best way to check if a file exists using standard C/C++ - The only way to check if a file exist is to try to open the file for reading or writing.Here is an ...

“how to check if a file exists in c” Code Answer’s

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c++ check if file exists without opening Code Example

bash if found file is .cpp. check for file exist in c++. check if a file exists cpp. check if file exist in c++ fstream. check if file exists c+=. check if file found in ifstream cpp. check if file is exist or not in c++. fastest way to check if a file exists on windows c++. how to check if file does not exist in c++.

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C++ Write to text file 6 ; Check contents of file to make sure its in a valid BNF grammar format 4 ; Need help on homwork assignment. 3 ; File handling in c++ 7 ; Validating file path in C;please reply immediately 8 ; Postfix operation 9 ; Reading from a file and sorting C++ 1 ; file handling in C 5 ; function hook problem 5 ; C++ switch ...

Is there a way to check if a file is in use/opened - CodeProject

iam try to move files from one directory to other. if any of the files in the directory is opened by user it will not move properly so iam checking each files in the directory wheather it is opened or not looping all the files in directory

How to check if a file is open - Visual Basic .NET

¤ file if it is open and returns true if file is open. My problem is ¤ that I need to know how to close it if it was already open (say a pdf ¤ file) ¤ ¤ Here is the situation: ¤ ¤ if a user wants to see a file, file data is fetched from db and the ¤ file is created in a temp directory, then a process is run to open the ¤ file (say a ...

FAQ: How do I check whether a file is in use?

How do I check whether a file is in use? Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. Welcome to the All-In-One Code Framework! If you have any feedback, please tell us. · The common managed way to check whether a file is in use is to open the file in a try block. If the file is in use, it will ...

Check if a File Exists in C++ | Delft Stack

Use std::filesystem::exists to Check if a File Exists in a Directory. The exists method takes a path as an argument and returns boolean value true if it corresponds to an existing file or directory. In the following example, we initialize a vector with arbitrary filenames to check them in the filesystem with exists functions.


Returns whether the stream is currently associated to a file. Streams can be associated to files by a successful call to member open or directly on construction, and disassociated by calling close or on destruction. The file association of a stream is kept by its internal stream buffer: Internally, the function calls rdbuf()->is_open() Parameters
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