How Old Can A Car Be On Turo - Quick Answer

As of September 2019 Turo’s car age limit is 15 years in the US and Canada. That means your car must be a 2004 or newer to be eligible to list on Turo. If your car is a 2003 or older unfortunately it doesn’t meet Turo’s eligibility requirements and can’t be listed on the site. We understand that some of these older cars can be classics ...

Age requirements for drivers – Turo Support

If you’re age 18-21, you can’t decline a protection plan or choose Premier protection. You must choose either the Minimum protection plan or the Standard protection plan. If you’re age 18-20, you’ll pay a minimum Young driver fee of $50/day. If you’re age 21–25, you’ll pay a minimum Young driver fee of $30/day.

Question on Age Restriction 30+ : turo -

If you add a driver over 30 as a primary, that person would need to be there at pickup, just FYI. However, I think you’re missing the spirit of why those regulations are in place. It’s not my place to ask why you’re needing such a fancy car, but just realize the risk you’re asking a couple people to take on you in this case.


After gaining approval to list a rental car on Turo, the next step is listing the vehicle. January 1, 2021, and a copy of your tenant's Driver's License. Rental Car Age Requirement Facts Rental car age requirements are determined independently. Car rentals for 18 year olds are possible, and even though the minimum legal driving age in most ...

Leasing a Car To Host on Turo - by Bill Huffhine - Substack

No longer could we set our daily limits, Turo set them for us at 200 miles per day (up to 6,200 miles per month). And the mileage overage amount was determined by the daily rate/mileage allowance rate calculation. Under these new policies, I seldom get more than 30 cents a mile, of which, Turo takes their cut.

Build a small car sharing business | Turo car sharing marketplace

A powerhouse power couple. Sharing a portfolio of Jeeps in Denver. Meet Justin and Meagan, a powerhouse hosting couple out of Denver, CO. The team started sharing Meagan’s Jeep to try Turo on for size as a novel investment opportunity, and scaled their Jeep-sharing business up to six cars to help build their savings and diversify their investment portfolio as they maintain their full time jobs.

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How to set a minimum age for renters as a Host? : r/turo

Age minimums are set by Turo based on their perceived value of your vehicle. Above $45k (Deluxe Class) will set the minimum to 25yo, and above $85k (Super Deluxe Class) will set it to 30yo. Make sure to set your Trim option for your vehicle. This will further determine your value and, even more importantly, without a Trim option set, Turo can ...

Setting your Daily availability - Turo

We set your Daily availability as a host to “I’m always available” when you list your car. You can change your host Daily availability to only receive trip requests that start and end within certain times. We’ll apply changes to Daily availability to all vehicle listings. Open Host menu. Choose Settings. Open Pickup and return hours to ...

Insurance & protection at Turo

Splurge on top-tier protection with the full suite of extra benefits. Earn 60% of the trip price. $750,000 in third-party liability insurance*. Turo pays 100% of eligible damage costs**. No deductible**. Includes exterior wear and tear reimbursement. Includes loss of hosting income during repair OR $50/day replacement vehicle reimbursement***.
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