Manage events with background scripts - Chrome Developers

Open the task manager by clicking the Chrome Menu, hovering over more tools and selecting "Task Manager". Background scripts unload on their own after a few seconds of inactivity. If any last minute cleanup is required, listen to the runtime.onSuspend event. chrome.runtime.onSuspend.addListener(function() { console.log("Unloading.");

FasterWeb - Chrome Web Store - Google Chrome

Works 100%. This extension is AMAZING! Before I downloaded this, pages would take about 1-2s to load, and that was fine, albeit a little annoying. Now, pages load in faster than you can say "Download". Really. I've tried it. It doesn't slow down chrome with the preloading as far as I know.

Chrome Extensions: Manage events with service workers - Chrome Developers

The extension is first installed or updated to a new version. An extension event is dispatched. A content script or other extension sends a message. Once it has been loaded, an extension service worker generally runs as long as it is actively receiving events. The browser will stop the service worker once it idles for a short period (30 seconds).

Fix videos & games that won't play - Computer - Google Chrome Help

On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More . Click Update Google Chrome. If you don't see this button, you're on the latest version. Click Relaunch. Go back to the site with...

Content scripts - Mozilla | MDN

Using the contentScripts API, you can ask the browser to load a content script whenever the browser loads a page whose URL matches a given pattern. (This is similar to method 1, except that you can add and remove content scripts at runtime.) At runtime, into specific tabs. In Manifest V2, using tabs.executeScript (), or Manifest V3, using ...

Page load time - Chrome Web Store

It works well on "standard" webpages, dropped a star as it only registers the page load for the initial page loaded via ajax, so jquery mobile pages loaded in the standard way will not trigger the timer, but you can refresh the page to trigger it. Even with this bug it is still a solid 4 star plugin and very useful.

chrome.tabs.update and wait till it's loaded before executeScript will ...

chrome.tabs.getSelected (null,function (tab) { chrome.tabs.update ( , {url:pardirurl}); }); // starts in 1 sec. (then the page loaded probably) // but i will wait/check if it's...

How to "Wait for page to load" in Google Chrome?

Then when a page is fully loaded, the title bar of the browser will have " [loaded]" appended to the title. Then in your script you just wait for a window title (using WinWait) that ends with " [loaded]". Hmm, Google Chrome seems to have no such folder. Maybe I should switch to (gasp) Internet Explorer ><. #7 - Posted 28 October 2010 - 01:50 PM

Reddit - Dive into anything

The onload executes when the load screen is displayed so the classes I'm trying to remove aren't there yet. My current workaround is to use setTimeout (openDiscord, 4000) but this is not ideal. This runs the function 4 seconds after the open Discord button is pressed. If her connection is slow one day, it wouldn't work.

How to wait until a page is fully loaded without checking any ... - reddit

You only need to use it when you want to be absolutely the sure the page is completely loaded and there is no pending or active AJAX requests running. I don't know if it meets your criteria for any "specific" element, because it does rely on the "body" tag to be sure the current page is unloaded.
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