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timeoutUI and timeoutNastavenia are variables that are locally scoped to the anonymous functions you define them in.. If you want them available in a wider scope, then you have to declare them in a wider scope. Don't use var inside the anonymous functions. Do use var variableName outside of those functions. (e.g. just before the first line of the code in the question).

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Conclusion. The clearTimeout () function in JavaScript helps in clearing the timeout settings which are done for a session. It uses the variable name used in the setTimeout function and clears the settings using this as a reference. You can clear the timeout settings whenever needed.

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cleartimeout in timeout. when cleartimeout settimeout working. clear current timeout js. clear timeout syddenly in js. js clear setimeout. javascript clear time out. cleartimeout javascript in addeventlistener. clear timeout from inside. does cleartimeout removes the content of settimeout or just the timer.

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timers.length; This is how you can remove all active timers: for (var i = timers.length; i--;) clearInterval (timers [i]); Known limitations: You can only pass a function (not a string) to setTimeout with this monkey patch. The function assumes clearInterval and clearTimeout do the same, which they do but it could change in the future. Share.

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Something like this hack works pretty well for browser envs, but since Timers don't expose IDs in Node, I haven't found a way to cancel all timers in Node.. My use case is I'm running a 3rd party script, and for some reason even when that script returned, my process kept running. Using why-is-node-running I saw that the 3rd party script set a few timeouts, which prevented my script from exiting.

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Provides the ability to clear all timeouts in JavaScript. Uses Proxy objects to intercept setTimeout & clearTimeout functions. - timeout.js

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It will clear all the timeouts, as setTimeout is an Asynchronous function, meaning that the timer function will not pause execution of other functions in the functions stack, thus clearAllTimeout runs and cancels them before they can be executed.
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