CNA Skill Cleaning Dentures

Steps to Clean Dentures for the skills part of the CNA State Exam. Put on gloves. Place towel at the bottom of sink or basin before dentures is held over sink-This is incase dentures are dropped they are better protected against cracks and breakage that can cause bacteria growth. Rinse dentures in moderate temperature before brushing.

Caring for a Patient's Dentures - CNA Procedure - NurseGroups

If they elect to store their dentures, place the dentures in a denture cup and cover with room-temperature water. Make sure that the cup is labeled with the patient’s name. Ask the patient if they use denture adhesive. If they do, apply a thin layer to the undersurface of the denture. Moisten the dentures and press firmly into place.

Perform Denture Care CNA Skill NEW - YouTube

View how this skill should look when performing for the Florida CNA State Exam. View to proper way to clean dentures and the patient's mouth and note the sa...

CNA Skill: Denture Care - YouTube

Here is how to perform Denture Care for a resident. Denture care is an Arizona State Board testable skill and this training video explains how to perform Den...

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Nursing care centers: 41%. Hospitals: 25%. Retirement communities and assisted living: 11%. Home healthcare: 5%. Government agencies: 4%. Becoming a CNA also is a smart move if your intention is get more education later and become a registered nurse; that field also stands to see rapid job growth in the coming decade.

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place denture into cup with tepid/moderate temp water and place lid on cup. step 9. rinse toohtbrush and place in designated tootbrush basin/container. step 10. maintain clean technique with placement of toothbrush and denture. step 11. remove sink liner and dispose of appropriately and/or drain sink. step 12.

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This page describes the opening steps for performing certified nursing assistant (CNA) or caregiver skills. These should be the first steps taken before moving on to the next part of any skill. Even though I will be focusing primarily on all of the points you should cover in order to pass the clinical skills portion of the CNA exam, these tips can be used in real world settings as well.

How to Clean Dentures Nursing - Registered Nurse RN

Brush the dentures! Start inward and work your way outward. Be sure to clean the gum line area because food and denture paste likes to hide in these areas. In addition, make sure all the food particles are removed from the teeth. 11. Rinse the dentures with warm water and place them in the denture cup. 12.

CNA Skill: Mouth Care for Resident with Denture - Quizlet

Step 3. Wear gloves while handling denture and providing mouth care. Step 4. Transport denture to sink in a denture cup or emesis basin. Step 5. Line sink with washcloth or paper towels, or fill sink with water to reduce risk of denture breakage. Step 6. Use cool or tepid running water to clean and rinse denture. Step 7.


Clean denture cup and fill will cool water. 6. Apply toothpaste (or denture cleanser) to toothbrush (or denture brush). 7. Brush all areas of dentures (on both sides of each plate) within sink area. 8. Handle dentures carefully by holding/brushing one plate at a time. 9. Rinse dentures under cool, running water. 10.
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