Replace function in ColdFusion

Replaces occurrences of substring1 in a string with an object in a specified scope. The search is case sensitive. This function can take either string or callback function as an argument instead of the argument to replace the string. Returns. The string, after making replacements. Category. String functions. Function syntax

coldfusion bug in Replace function - Stack Overflow

Here is my program: <cfset test = 'a~b~~c~d~~~e'> <cfset test2 = Replace(test, '~~','~X~','all')> <cfoutput> test #test# <br> test2 #test2# <br>want...

ColdFusion – find single value replace with different values

Basic example. As I found in the ColdFusion replace function documentation, instead of the string to replace to, you can provide the callback function that will handle the replacement. Let’s take a look at this basic example: <cfscript>. textToReplace = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

coldfusion replace function not working correctly - Stack Overflow

I intend to replace the {{d {{h and {{r with information selected by the user. {{d is a date, {{h is a heading and {{r is a report. The code to do this replacement is:

coldfusion Tutorial => Working with RegExp Replace callbacks

Java offers us java.util.regex.Pattern. So here is what we actually do: Invoke the Compile method from the Pattern Class object and passing the regex pattern to it (which probably deposits the regex pattern for later use). Invoke the Matcher method on what the Compile method returned and passing the string where the pattern should be executed.

ColdFusion 101: Tags, Script and Functions, Part 2 - Script - ColdFusion

In this article, I over the building blocks of ColdFusion; Tags, Script, and Functions, focusing on script. Preamble. I love ColdFusion. I’ve been developing websites, applications, and software using ColdFusion for over 20 years. I’ve struggled with the reputation ColdFusion has, and I’ve watched the customer and developer base dwindle.

Adobe ColdFusion * Replace - 3GPP2

ColdFusion Functions / Functions m-r. Replace Description. Replaces occurrences of substring1 in a string with ... String functions. Function syntax Replace(string, substring1, substring2 [, scope]) See also. Find, REFind, ReplaceNoCase, ReplaceList, REReplace. Parameters. Parameter. Description. string. A string or a variable that contains one ...

practical examples to get you started - ColdFusion

Let’s start off with which functions we have available to use in CFML: – ReFind – ReFindNoCase – ReReplace – ReReplaceNoCase – ReMatch – ReMatchNoCase. Essentially, there is find, replace and match functions with and without case sensitivity. For this post I’m going to be using ReReplace. Let’s start off with a simple replace.

ColdFusion Member Functions CFML Documentation - CF Docs

ColdFusion Member Functions. CF 11+ Member Functions allow variables of certain CFML data types to be treated as objects with functions. Invoking a member function on the object (the variable) allows you to skip passing the variable into the function because it already has a reference to the value. The use of member functions often lead to more ...

ColdFusion RE NoCase Functions vs. Case Insensitive RegEx Flag

This ran on average between 1,437 ms. Now, let's test the REFind () and REReplace () methods. Notice that we are doing the exact same thing, the only difference that we are using the case insensitive flag (?i) instead of the NoCase methods: <!---. Now, let's get a copy of the passage for the next round. of testing.
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