Configure a User to Create and Manage SQL Server Agent Jobs - SQL ...

To configure a proxy account to create and manage SQL Server Agent job steps In Object Explorer, expand a server. Expand SQL Server Agent. Right-click Proxiesand select New Proxy. On the Generalpage of the New Proxy Accountdialog, specify the proxy name, credential name, and description for the new proxy.

bash: ./configure: Permission denied how can I fix this

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Create and manage agent pools - Azure Pipelines | Microsoft Learn

To configure maintenance job settings: Choose Azure DevOps, Organization settings. Choose Agent pools. Choose the desired pool and choose Settings to configure maintenance job settings for that agent pool. Important You must have the Manage build queues permission to configure maintenance job settings.

bash./configure :permission denied - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

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12.04 - Permission Denied when using ./configure - Ask Ubuntu

Provided the configure file already has execute permission, this happens when the config.log file has been created by another user or inaccessible (either you tried ./configure with sudo or somebody else has run the configure script already). Removing the config.log file should solve this. Share Improve this answer Follow edited Jan 3, 2018 at 6:22

Permission denied with ./configure - Ask Ubuntu

I cded there and entered ./configure --prefix="/opt/openmpi" and got this error:./configure: line 4840: config.log: Permission denied ./configure: line 4850: config.log: Permission denied I tried the following: ls -l configure which gives -rwxrwxr-x 1 root root ... configure; df -h .. I'm on /dev/sda6

Installing PHP: bash: ./configure: Permission denied

I'm trying to install PHP for PThreads. ( PHP - Installation Manual) in installation I need config but when I using this command: # ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-config-file-path=/etc --enable-maintainer-zts bash: ./configure: Permission denied. I tried to give configure the permissions: # chmod +x configure #.

"[main] /bin/sh: 1: ./configure: Permission denied"

They say that configure outputs a Makefile, and that should be passed to make command. But command-step 8 is roughly just “RUN make”, which was intended to deal with Makefile. Perhaps configure is not outputting a makefile, but how to I check this in the console? There’s a command to log the output of each step? Thanks a lot!

Bind fails to start with "configuring logging: permission denied" after ...

In previous service packs, the default configuration ran bind in a chroot jail in /var/lib/named.Changes were made for SLES 15 SP4 with regards to this chroot setup. The logging path from /etc/named.conf used to be evaluated relative to this chroot location, but is now evaluated relative to the system root. The default configuration on previous service packs set /var/log/named_querylog as the ...

RHEL7 - /bin/sh ./configure Permission Denied - Palo Alto Networks

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