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First, you need to know some id numbers for your current user: Will give you your uid, gid, and a list of groups whose permissions you can use. ./configure is a file. To get the modes and permissions set on it: It's in the first line labelled "Access:" (there are two), and will be something like 0755/drwxr-xr-x.

Permission denied with ./configure - Ask Ubuntu

./configure Permission Denied when try to build llvm. 2./ Permission denied. 0. bash: ./WorldOfGoo.bin: permission denied. 0. ... How to respond to the interviewer's question "How was the interview?" you get asked some days later after the job interview on the phone? Are these two sentences equivalent? 「トイレはあそこです。

13.04 - permission denied - Ask Ubuntu

Sorted by: 1. Usually isn't some you should run but an input file for is looking for or in the current working folder. Most likely one of them is in /home/haxxm32/sm-ssc so you need to go there before you run cd /home/haxxm32/sm-ssc ./ Share. Improve this answer.

Permission denied on Jenkins job - Stack Overflow

1. Thanks for the answer. And yes, it is permission problem but it won't work even I've made jenkins user able to read docker-compose.yml, as I mention in the question that I can run these command in shell using jenkins user It seem there is problem with jenkins job executor itself. By the way, I've fix this problem below.

./configure: Permission denied ... ? - CentOS

I would just imagine that the configure script doesn't have execute permission. you can change it with 'chmod u+x configure' or even just try 'sh ./configure'.

./configure - permission denied -

That should tell you where "sh" is. If it's in /sbin/sh or /usr/bin/sh, change the first line of "configure" to match. cat /etc/shells, and make sure whatever you have on the first line (after the "#!") is in that file. One of the lines in /etc/shells must be an exact match to that filename, or it won't be allowed.

How to resolve the "Permission Denied" error in Linux

The following flags can be set: Flag --help --version -R, --recursive --reference=file --preserve-root --no-preserve-root -v, --verbose -f, --silent, --quiet -c, --changes Description open the help menu output the version number change permisssions recursively set permissions similar to file do not open recursively on '/' open recursively on ...

GnuCOBOL / Discussion / Help getting started: ./configure: Permission ...

ERROR: 1014 tests were run, 5 passed unexpectedly, 28 failed (23 expected failures). 2 tests were skipped. According to Arnold's build guides, "Permission denied" can be fixed by disabling file indexing and temporarily turning off anti-virus programs. chmod 777 ./configure is much easier than disabling file indexing and the AV program.

Errno 13 Permission denied when Airflow tries to write to logs

Just for anyone with the same issue... Surprisingly, I had to take a look to the Airflow documentation... and according to it:. On Linux, the mounted volumes in container use the native Linux filesystem user/group permissions, so you have to make sure the container and host computer have matching file permissions.. mkdir ./dags ./logs ./plugins echo -e "AIRFLOW_UID=$(id -u)\nAIRFLOW_GID=0" > .env

./configure: Permission denied -

Perhaps that program does not exist, or the file is not marked "executable." As you have seen, if you try to execute a file and the " x " permission-bit is not on (see chmod), you get a cryptic "permission denied" message. Now that you have turned-on this permission, the shell might be looking at the shebang and is trying, unsuccessfully, to ...
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