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The do..while loop is similar to the while loop with one important difference. The body of do...while loop is executed at least once. Only then, the test expression is evaluated. The syntax of the do...while loop is: do { // the body of the loop } while (testExpression); How do...while loop works? The body of do...while loop is executed once.

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A loop has a few parts: the header, and processing before the loop. May declare some new variables. the condition, when to stop the loop. the actual loop body. It changes some of the header's variables and/or the parameters passed in. the tail; what happens after the loop and return result. Or to write it out:

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Convert the following for loop statement to a while loop and to a do-while loop: long sum = 0 ; for ( int i = 0; i <= 1000; i++) sum = sum + i; Show Answer. 5.7.7. Count the number of iterations in the following loops. (a) int count = 0 ; while (count < n) { count++; } (b) for ( int count = 0 ; count <= n; count++) { } (c) int count = 5 ; while ...

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Accepted Answer: James Tursa. I just couldn't figure out how to convert it into a while loop. here is the code: Theme. Copy. clc; clear; clear all; n=input ('Enter the number of elements in your array:'); % number of array elements. for i=1:n.

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do while Loop. do-while loop is a variation of while loop. The condition is checked by a while loop and statements are in do segment. It is also known as post-test tool as it first executes the block and then checks the condition. Here is the basic syntax : Code: do { statement (s); }while (condition);

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How to convert for loop into while loop in c language is explained with examples in very easy method. Loop Conversion from for loop to while loop and vice versa is explained with...

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Whereas for and while loop always checks the condition before. This is the reason why While/For loops and do-while loops are not much compatible. Do not try to convert for / while loop to do-while loop. This will add unnecessary extra code. /* For loop */. int i; for( i = 0; i < 10; i++) {. }

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b. while loops and do loops are essentially the same, but while loops always execute at least once. c. If you know the number of times that a loop is to be performed, the best type of loop to use is a while loop. d. Loops may be replaced by an appropriate combination of if-else and switch statements. e. None of these

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take any for loop and turn it into a while loop with a bare minimum of effort. The different forms merely capture the different uses of loops. Figure 3.1 lists a C for loop and a corresponding while loop that should make this idea clear. int i; for( i=0;i<10;i++ ) {loop body} inti=0; while(i<10){loop body i++;} Figure 3.1: C loop constructs

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int i=1,j=1; do { printf ("%i",i); i++; do { printf ("\n"); j++; }while (j<=i); }while (i<=5); philay, Dec 13, 2007 SHARE #6 shabbir Administrator Staff Member Joined: Jul 12, 2004 Messages: 15,369 Likes Received: 386 Trophy Points: 83 For while loop you should increment the counter as the last statement and then it will be equivalent.
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