How to solve could not find or load main class error with spring boot?

Go to Run -->Run Configurations- classpath , in user entries add your project. Go to source tab of Run configurations and add workspace folder and select your src file where your main method class is there. Click on apply and execute. It will work. Share.

Error: Main class Test could not be found or loaded

1 Answer. Sorted by: 2. There are a couple of things you're missing here. First, for public classes, the name of the class should match the name of the file. I.e., you either need to rename your class to Test, or rename the file to Second, you're missing a crucial step here - compiling. Java is not an interpreted language.

Cannot find or load main class – IDEs Support (IntelliJ Platform ...

Assuming you are building the JAR with IntelliJ IDEA via an artifact configuration, go to File > Project Structure > [Project Settings] > Artifacts. Find and select the artifact definition. Toward the bottom middle will be where the manifest file and the main class are defined. 0 Ramya M 2012 It Created March 22, 2017 06:58 Comment actions

Java Guide: How to Fix “Could not find or load main class” - Rollbar

Java Guide: How to Fix “Could not find or load main class”

IntelliJ Idea "could not find or load main class" (2 Solutions!!)

IntelliJ Idea "could not find or load main class"Helpful? Please support me on Patreon: thanks & praise to God, an...

IntelliJ could not find or load main class #11 - GitHub

I have problem running addressbook in terminal as well. But java does not have any problem with other files. The problem could be that you need to set your classpath correctly. When you try to load up the program, the JVM tries to load the class definition but the class was not found in the classpath, hence throwing the exception.

Could not find or load main class org.jetbrains.plugins.gradle.tooling ...

IntelliJ IDEA Users Could not find or load main class org.jetbrains.plugins.gradle.tooling.proxy.Main for projects in WSL Follow Answered Kvist Created September 03, 2021 16:05 I just wanted to migrate some of my existing projects to my WSL2 Ubuntu 18.04 distribution.

Java: Could Not Find Or Load Main Class | Career Karma

Here are some of the top ways to identify and fix could not find or load main class: Check For Typos The first probable cause of this error might be a typing mistake. Since the syntax of the program call consists of only two keywords — “java” and class name — the only place where you can make a mistake is the class name.

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I'm using IntelliJ IDEA and sometimes when I try to run my desktop configuration, I get a Error: Could not find or load main class com.example.DesktopLauncher. Now this usually goes away either by restarting the IDE, rebuilding, syncing Gradle, invalidating caches, cleaning project, etc. But sometimes nothing works, for example I never managed ...

SFTP job Error: Could not find or load main class

Setting the user through the "Local user" field in the job; or. Setting the parameter in the agent's agentparm.txt file. If you make a change to the agentparm.txt file, please do a full stop of the agent and then restart it. Restarting the agent will not be sufficient. Restarting the agent will still result in the owner of ...
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