Sprites - CS50's Introduction to Programming with Scratch

Scratch is a visual block-based programming language originally developed by a team at MIT’s Media Lab and now maintained by its own Scratch Foundation. By putting together “puzzle pieces” in Scratch, we can create visual stories, animations, games, and other programs.

FAQs - CS50's Introduction to Programming with Scratch

An introduction to programming using Scratch, a visual programming language via which aspiring programmers can write code by dragging and dropping graphical blocks (that resemble puzzle pieces) instead of typing out text. Used at the start of Harvard College's introductory course in computer science, CS50, Scratch was designed at MIT's Media Lab, empowering students with no prior programming ...

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Introduction to Computer Science from Harvard, better known as CS50, is the largest course on the Harvard campus and more than 4,000,000 learners worldwide have registered for the course on edX. We are excited to offer a series of introductory CS50 courses and Professional Certificate programs from Harvard that are open to learners of all ...

CS50's Computer Science for Business Professionals

Online Duration 6 weeks long Pace Self-paced Subject Programming Course language English Video Transcript English Difficulty Introductory Credit Audit for Free Add a Verified Certificate for $199 Topic (s) Business Intelligence Computer Science Information Technology Data Structures Programming Databases Web Development Associated Schools

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What is the philosophy behind using Scratch at the beginning of CS50? It seems like a waste of one class period (2-hours) and time to do the 1st homework. Using this in the introduction may be justified if it's a high school summer camp, but hardly believable for Harvard freshmen. Have you ever had any opposition?

CS50's Introduction to Computer Science OR CS50's Introduction ... - Reddit

CS50x is an introduction to computer science more generally, so that means you learn about algorithms — how you go about solving problems. It means you learn a lot about data structures — how you can use a computer’s memory in a clever way so as to solve those same problems efficiently. You learn a number of languages.

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This video is for students in the BSE program at the Open University of Sri Lanka.Creating GitHub account - Authorizing CS50 to access your submissions - Com...


Pre-register for CS50's (free) Introduction to Programming with Scratch, a new course coming to edX on May 1, 2021. Scratch. Close. 72. Posted by. staff. 3 months ago. ... Almost 99.99% of any college introduction to programming course don't teach programming using Scratch as far as I know. 1. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 2.

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Every few weeks, CS50’s staff provides edX with a list of students who have satisfied CS50S’s requirements (by earning a satisfactory grade on every project. Typically within a week thereafter, edX then generates students’ Verified Certificates (for students who have active Verification), at which point they should appear automatically on ...

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CS50's Introduction to Programming with Scratch Communities So that students can connect with classmates via platforms on which they’re already spending (too much!) time, CS50 has official communities on Discord, Ed, Facebook, Gitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, Slack, Snapchat, SoundCloud, Stack Exchange, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.
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