Aerotwist - Slicing SVG 9 Ways

SVG Doesn't Support 9-slicing # Bad news: no 9-slice in SVG. ... Despite its name, it's effectively 9-slicing in CSS, and if you want the full breakdown of all its properties and whatnot then head over to CSS Tricks, since it has a lot of options and it's worth taking a little time to understand properly. In this case, however, I'll just zone ...

Monogame scale/resizing texture without stretching the borders

Slice your source image up into 9 sections as shown in the image below. For reference I've drawn 4 red lines to represent how the texture might be sliced up to create the 9 patches. I've also numbered the patches 0 to 8. It's worth noting that I didn't align the red lines with the exact edges where the black meets the blue.

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Quick Tip: How to Make an Ultra Glossy Scalable Web Button with 9-Slice ...

This part is for Adobe Illustrator CS5 - Select the button and the lines and drag it into the Symbols Palette. Click Enable 9-Slice Scaling (This will enable the horizontal scaling) and Align to Pixel Grid (This will stop the button from rendering blurry on web sites). These two settings will make the button perfect for web use.

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McKinney Combination Strike and Stop: CSS-9 - ASSA ABLOY

McKinney Combination Strike and Stop: CSS-9. Recommended for installations on hospital or nursing home bathroom doors along with our EP-5J. This unit allows center hung or 1/8" inset doors to be opened in both directions without damaging the frame. Available in offset or center hung latch bolt location for frame sizes 5-3⁄4", 5-7⁄8" and 6-3 ...

border-image-slice - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN - Mozilla

border-image-slice CSS 속성은 border-image-source 로 설정한 이미지를 여러 개의 영역으로 나눕니다. 이렇게 나눠진 영역이 요소의 테두리 이미지 를 이룹니다. 시도해보기 이미지는 네 개의 꼭지점, 네 개의 모서리, 한 개의 중앙 총 9개의 영역으로 나눠집니다. 상하좌우 각각의 모서리에서 주어진 거리만큼 떨어진 네 개의 분할선이 영역의 크기를 결정합니다. 위의 도표로 구역이 어떻게 나뉘는지 확인할 수 있습니다. 1-4번 구역은 꼭지점 영역 입니다. 코너 영역은 최종 테두리 이미지에서도 코너를 이루며 한 번씩만 그려집니다. 5-8번 구역은 모서리 영역 입니다.
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