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An alias is an alternative name for an object such as a table, view, sequence, or another alias. It can be used to reference an object wherever that object can be referenced directly. The option of referencing an object by an alias is not explicitly shown in the syntax diagrams or mentioned in the description of SQL statements.

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An alias of db2for the command that starts the Db2 command line processormust be created: alias db2="java com.ibm.db2.clp.db2" The database server to which you connect must not be a data sharing system. See Setting up the Db2 command line processorfor more information. About this task

IBM DB2, create an alias to database with schemas and tables

For Db2 for Linux/Unix/Windows, a database ALIAS is not a SCHEMA. You cannot use the new alias in SELECT or other SQL statements. You can only reference the database-alias in the CONNECT step. After successful connection, use SQL as if you had connected to database ABC only. The database-alias is only a pointer to a database.

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Open the terminal. Login as root user. Open DB2 Installation folder. Type “./db2setup” and press Enter. This process will start execution of DB2 server setup. Type “./db2setup” and press Enter on root terminal to start setup process of DB2 Server. On doing so, the “Set up Launch Pad” screen appears.

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If you created aliases to aliases to find the real table names you need to write recursive query ("with temp1" clause -- search in goole for DB2 SQL Cookbook).-- Artur Wronski. Nov 12 '05 #2. Jonathan Ball. John Bailo wrote: I have created several aliases to members using the CREATE ALIAS ... Examine the job log for a message that gives more

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1. DB2 Alias 0 Recommend Ron Thomas Posted Jul 04, 2014 01:23 PM Reply Reply Privately Hello. We have in production in one of the subsytems there is a alias and currenly that is pointing to a table which is empty, we need to pint this to a different table in the same subsystem.

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This is a general rule of SQL. In practice, you can think of the reason being that the where is parsed before the select, so the aliases are not known. The general solution is to use a subquery or CTE: SELECT t.*. FROM (SELECT 'X' AS AVC FROM sysibm.sysdummy1 ) t WHERE AVC = 'X'; My preferred solution is to use a lateral join, but I don't think ...

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DB2 provides several table-like database objects that can be used to assist in the development of queries and applications. These objects include views, aliases, and synonyms. Each of the objects can be accessed by SQL statements in much the same way as a DB2 table.

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In DB2 for z/OS, an alias can refer to what we in LUW call a nickname – a table on a remote server accessed using federation. Creating Table Aliases Table aliases are easy to create. An example of the basic syntax is below:

DB2: Database alias already exists when cataloging

SQL1005N The database alias "XYZ" already exists in either the local database directory or system database directory. I am an accidental DB2 LUW on linux administrator; primary background in MSSQL and Oracle. We have an application that has an integrated DB2 Enterprise server as part of the stack.
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