Is there an appropriate time to routinely delete yarn.lock / package ...

The same question goes for package-lock.json and npm. The reason I ask is that I have worked on a project in the past where some dependencies were set to very old versions. The team (rightly or wrongly) perceived it as a risky change to update a dependency that was two major versions behind the current version.

I deleted package-lock.json and node-modules file in react

In the parent folder of my create-react-app folder I deleted the package-lock.json and node-modules file by mistake. I tried using npm install but it did not work and only created an empty package-lock.json file.

Remove package-lock.json? · Issue #3792 · jquery/jquery · GitHub

Description. npm 5, even the version included in the latest Node.js 8.5.0 re-generates package-lock.json on each install. And when it does on a system that doesn't support all the optional dependencies that are supported on the OS where the lockfile was generated, it removes those optional deps from the lockfile.

Delete package-lock.json by SweeXordious · Pull Request #23 ... - GitHub

Open. SweeXordious wants to merge 1 commit into chainapsis: master from SweeXordious: master. +0 −6,634. Conversation 0 Commits 1 Checks 0 Files changed 1.

accidentally deleted package-lock.json Code Example

Answers related to “accidentally deleted package-lock.json”. rebuild package-lock.json. npm generate package-lock.json. Two different lockfiles found: package-lock.json and yarn.lock. how to generate package-lock.json from package.json. untrack package-lock.json.

npm gotcha: commit and do not delete package-lock.json

Deleting the package-lock.json file effectively tells NPM that you trust package.json and the developers of each package for the versions of the dependencies loaded. Here is a common scenario: you create a new application, you need some NPM packages so you npm install thePackage. This gets the latest version of thePackage and installs it, then ...

Resolved - packages-lock.json - Unity Forum

This means that Packages/packages-lock.json file should be added to your version control system of choice. rfadeev, Jun 16, 2020 #2. ROBYER1, maximeb_unity, jdw-creare and 2 others like this. ... I.e. if you delete the cache files, will it download that specific revision it started it or the latest. If you want to get the latest version of the ...

Understanding package.json and package-lock.json in NodeJS

In this, we will clone the repo into a separate folder, delete the package-lock.json file and then do npm install. Gist #2.5 — Command Set 5. After executing the commands, ...

How to generate package-lock.json in nodejs forcibly with npm

This post shows you many ways to generate or update the package-lock.json file in NodeJS. However, this can be disabled in the .npmrc settings file with package-lock=false. Please check the home directory .npmrcfile for package-lock settings. It is a global node configuration that applies to running OS.

r/github - Weird Github actions bug? Git actions to fail when running ...

Deleting node modules & package-lock.json & running npm i - DOESNT WORK . Changing my github main.yml to npm ci --legacy-peer-deps - DOES FIX THIS BUG but causes other weird bugs about paths to other React components withing my project to not be found with a Type error: Cannot find module '../ etc" (they all work fine if the old package-lock is ...
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