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As others have already mentioned the syntax is else if - mind the space.. Moreover, I highly recommend you stick to conventional coding style until you become more confident in your skills.. A) For now, use brace syntax when using blocks and statements. Your code will be more readable and you will be able to identify your syntax errors easier.

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You've just removed the second else keyword from each block. The code within the braces will always execute, overwriting the variables you've just set in your if..else block. Stop making random changes to your code. Get a piece of paper and a pen, and write down exactly what you want the code to do, step by step. Then write the code to do that.

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2. the else if condition should be read as (age < 18 && age >= 15) 3. the else statement should not have a condition 4. there's no "if else" statement basically all your if/else if statements were flawed. furthermore your if/else statements should be in this order if (age >= 18) { } else if (age < 18 && age >=15) { } else if (age >= 12) { } else {

New to Java - else without if error and not a statement

New to Java - else without if error and not a statement 843789 Member Posts: 46,655 Green Ribbon May 28, 2010 5:07PM edited May 28, 2010 6:02PM I don't understand what I am doing wrong in this method. Some help would be much appreciated. if (p1isRight ) (p2isRight ) (p3isRight ) { System.out.println ("We have a winner!");

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If statement problem - else without if Good evening, I seem to be getting the error "else without if" when I try to design this code. I had it working previously, but for the life of me cannot see where im going wrong here. // Code is inside a button press actionevent String amount = jTextFieldBlockAddAmount.getText ();

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else block will work only when you add a if block with it.This problem might occur when you miss a closing bracket while using if condition.The syntax for if else condition is in the following, if (contion_here) { statement; }else { statement; } Sponsored by Karma Shopping LTD The Shopping Hack That Works.

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else if (richter >= 7.0); You should not have a semicolon immediately after your else if (or after any if or else) statements. Putting a semicolon there causes it to be interpreted as a statement, and as being the statement associated with the if. The following block of code in the curly braces would then be unrelated to the if statement.

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Write clean, maintainable code without if-else. You’ve watched countless tutorials using If-Else statements. You’ve probably also read programming books promoting the use of If-Else as the de ...

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Requirements: The program should read a number from the keyboard. The program must display a number on the screen. If the entered number is positive, double it and display the result. If the entered number is negative, increase it by one and display the result. If the entered number is zero, display 0. Solution.java.
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