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This if-else block is clearly not even java syntax. first there is no need to cast your result to an int and the semicolon at the end of your conditional doesn't belong. removing these errors brings us to:

New to Java - else without if error and not a statement

to mean "or" so if player one or player two or player three is right it would print one of the following statments "Player one got it right? p1isRight" if not it would stay in the loop and ask the players for another guess, if you could advise how to make this possible that would be great as I am still very new to Java

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I keep getting an else without if error, but I clearly have an if. Why is this happening? Use the keyboard to enter three integers. Display the number of positive numbers and the number of negative numbers in the original set, in the following form: " Number of negative numbers: a " and " Number of positive numbers: b ", where a and b are the ...

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Yes. Your */ (closing the comment) is on the same line as the } (closing the if block), thus making it part of the comment. It also comments out some code that I assume you want to be executed. The block comment markers /* and */ make everything between them into comments, including line breaks. The asterisks on each new line in the comments at the beginning of your code are there just for ...

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I have this school homework/project due today at midnight and can't wrap my head around this bug. I think its because of the multiple 'if's but have…

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here is the psuedo code for the enhanced for and the array with my code. is the psuedo code wrong or is my coding.... // A-1-3-04) CREATE the instance variable shapes, an array of Shape objects, with myFile.getCountOfRecords() elements Shape shapes[] = new Shape[myFile.getCountOfRecords()]; // A-1-2-06) FOR each currentShape of type Shape in shapes // use the enhanced FOR loop here for (Shape ...

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The simple rule is: if a curly brace follows, no semicolon. 4. level 1. jdmacguffin. · 3y · edited 3y. In general, when looking for odd syntactical errors like “else without if”, what you’re really looking for is an imbalance in parentheses, braces, brackets, or quotes. Or, as you noticed yourself, an unnecessary semicolon.

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java - 使用常量时替换 if 语句. R:解开范围. java - UnsatisfiedDependencyException 试图在 Eclipse 中配置一个基本的 spring-boot 项目. java - Vbox/Hbox何时为其子代分配坐标? java - 如何知道 Canvas 上的哪个位图被触摸? java - Try...catch vs if...else 异常 - Java

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Jobs; Welcome to the Treehouse Community. The Treehouse Community is a meeting place for developers, designers, and programmers of all backgrounds and skill levels to get support. Collaborate here on code errors or bugs that you need feedback on, or asking for an extra set of eyes on your latest project. ... TreeStory.java:20: error: 'else ...

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Else clause must be preceded by a matching If. Else If, Else, or End If must be preceded by a matching If. Else without If. ElseIf must be preceded by a matching If or ElseIf and followed by an ElseIf, Else, or EndIf. Empty Enum type not allowed.
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