fatal: No such remote: 'origin' · Issue #171 · newren/git-filter-repo

**fatal: No such remote: 'origin'** Parsed 1800 commits New history written in 1.21 seconds; now repacking/cleaning... Repacking your repo and cleaning out old unneeded objects Updating files: 100% (2672/2672), done. HEAD is now at c0ba2d99 CS coop: added eCPRI_FCP promote jobs to coopListJobs Enumerating objects: 29453, done.

bug: error: No such remote 'origin #1030 - GitHub

bug: error: No such remote 'origin #1030. Open 612901 opened this issue Aug 12, 2022 · 0 comments Open bug: error: No such remote 'origin #1030. 612901 opened this issue Aug 12, 2022 · 0 comments Labels. bug Something isn't working. Comments. Copy link 612901 commented Aug 12, 2022.

Solved: How can I push code to an empty repo when I get "N...

I have a local project that I have been using git for version control for. I would like to put this project on Bitbucket as a remote backup. I tried following the instructions in the documentation here. However, on the second step, "Change the remote URL on your local repo", I get the following error: fatal: No such remote 'origin'

“git remote set url no such remote origin” Code Answer

git config --add remote.origin.url; git config --get remote.origin.url change to another; update local github repository url; git config chaange url; git config remote orign url; git config remote repository; changing a remote git repo location in git command and point to other; git config replace remote.origin.url; seturl origin git; git ...

git - Jenkins: Error fetching remote repo 'origin' - Stack Overflow

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git - I have to directly set remote.origin.url - Stack Overflow

I work on Ubuntu. Every time when I trying to clone repo I have to set remote.origin.url directly. On Windows I just need to git clone "repository-name" and I haven't to set remote.origin.url every time to clone the right repo. What should I do to clone repo on my Ubuntu like on Windows? On that moment, my git config remote.origin.url look like ...

[Git] No such remote ‘origin’ – 端くれプログラマの備忘録

端くれプログラマの備忘録. 最近はウェブ系アプリ中心、あとWindowsアプリちょっと

git pull from remote but no such ref was fetched?

This will get the head branch name from origin, rename the current local branch, set it to track from the remote branch, and then pull. the solution that worked for us was to check the casing, git is case sensitive. check .git/config file to match your repository branch name. Highly active question.

git remote remove origin fatal no such remote 'origin' -

The above will only work if you've either cloned the repository or manually added a remote called origin. If "git remote -v" does... Level up your programming skills with exercises across 52 languages, and insightful discussion with our dedicated team of welcoming mentors.

Fix git fatal: remote origin already exists error on push

Remove origin name from the given existing repository. First, delete the local name origin for a given remote repository using the following command. git remote rm origin. next, add the original name to the new remote repository. git remote add origin remote-repo-url.
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