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The 8 Best Careers for INTJ Personality Types Mechanical Engineer. Mechanical engineers need to be great problem-solvers, making this an excellent career choice for INTJ personality types. These professionals design, build, and test all sorts of mechanical devices and machines, such as car engines, wind turbines, medical devices, satellites, elevators, printers, generators, robots, and heating ...

INTJ Careers: Ideal Professions for this Personality Type

Ideal INTJ careers include STEM, (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), as well as entrepreneurial ventures, Fintech, technical research, think-tanks, advisory boards, strategic government positions, and environmental science careers. For the INTJ, the right career mixes work with hobbies.

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Top careers for the INTJ include: Business, Finance, and Math Accountant or Auditor Financial Analyst Logistician Management Consultant Market Research Analyst Financial Advisor Top Executive Actuary Mathematician Statistician Architecture and Engineering Aerospace Engineer Architect Biomedical Engineer Civil Engineer Computer Hardware Engineer

Best INTJ Careers, INTJ careers to avoid, and Best College Majors

INTJ Career Matches 1. Programmer 2. Dentist 3. Lawyer 4. Entrepreneur 5. Police Detective INTJ Careers to Avoid 1. Receptionist 2. Waiter/Waitress 3. Customer Support in a Call Center INTJ College Majors INTJs at Work A peculiar personality type, the INTJ shines brightly credits to their profound intellect, wisdom, discipline, and perfectionism.

10 Positions To Promote Your Career as an Entrepreneur

They assess their client's financial needs and make decisions on their behalf to help them meet financial goals. A job as a financial adviser can equip aspiring entrepreneurs with communication, problem-solving and financial management skills. 5. Marketing manager.

49 Famous People & Celebrities with INTJ Personality Type

49 INTJ Famous People and Celebrities 1. Bill Belichick 2. Sheryl Sandberg 3. Warren Buffett 4. Barack Obama 5. Albert Einstein 6. Friedrich Nietzsche 7. Abraham Lincoln 8. Elon Musk 9. Arthur Ashe 10. Margaret Thatcher 11. Soichiro Honda 12. Martina Navratilova 13. Francis Ford Coppola 14. J.K. Rowling 14. George Lucas 15. Steven Spielberg 16.

Famous INTJ People- The Complete List across All Categories

Famous INTJ People Who were Entrepreneurs · Mark Zuckerberg. This name doesn’t need any introduction. Mark Zuckerberg has firmly dominated the social media space. His gradual taking over shows strategy, logic, and a lot of precision. These are all skills or qualities that are particular to the INTJ. ...

The 7 Biggest Challenges ENTJ And INTJ Entrepreneurs Face

The ENTJ and INTJ personality type represents 20-30% of entrepreneurs. Despite their strengths, NTJ entrepreneurs have weaknesses that can set them back in business and life if not overcome.

37 Famous INTJs | List of Celebrities Who Are INTJ - Ranker

INTJs are known to be logical, driven, and intelligent. This personality is often considered to be "bookworms," and have great self-confidence. Only 2 per cent of the population is classified as INTJs. There are lots of famous faces on this list, such as the popular INTJ musicians. Arnold Schwarzenegger tops our list as one of the most famous ...

Famous INTJs - IDRlabs

INTJ Elon Musk Founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, founder of PayPal along with Peter Thiel Musk: "My career has been focused on finding practical, effective solutions to real-world problems."
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