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We’re very particular and aren’t fond of things being done in a way we disagree with. For that reason, I’m going to share some of the best career choices for those of you who fit this personality type. Before you start applying fora new job, make sure it’s on this list. 1. Architect. 2. Mathematician. 3. Writer.

Best INTJ Careers, INTJ careers to avoid, and Best College Majors

Overall, INTJs find a special kind of thrill in developing a world built on a string of their imagination, so any career that can help them achieve that is fitting for The Strategist. We should always expect to be surprised and delighted by INTJ entrepreneurs. 5. Police Detective. INTJs like to be known for their mastery and achievements.

INTJ Careers: Ideal Professions for this Personality Type

The ideal engineering job for an INTJ involves minimal project meetings, a minimalist management style, and maximum time to think and plan the project. ... The INTJ As An Entrepreneur. Think Elon Musk. The INTJ is an entrepreneur that doesn’t see boundaries as limitations, but as details that haven’t been worked out yet. Because the INTJ is ...

The Best Careers for INTJ Personality Types | Truity

Although they are often drawn to STEM fields, INTJs can also be found in business or even the arts. The common theme for satisfied INTJs, however, is that they must be in a career that provides an intellectual challenge. Top careers for the INTJ include: Business, Finance, and Math. Accountant or Auditor.

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INTJ Personality Overview. As identified by the Myers-Briggs test, the characteristics of INTJ personalities are Introversion — Intuition — Thinking — Judgment. The INTJ type is guided by reason and logic and has a thirst for knowledge. They are highly confident and seek to reform and improve the world around them.

10+ INTJ Famous People Influenced the World

Many INTJ famous people have gone on to become presidents, politicians, and celebrities, each of whom has made a name for themselves in their respective fields. ... Jay-Z is a well-known rapper, entrepreneur, and patron of the arts. He is strategic and idealist, navigating a clear path to achieve his objectives. His abilities, talent, and ...

Entrepreneurship for INTJs

Occasionally, INTJs can feel morally called to their line of work: the world needs better design, humanity needs more efficient infrastructure, etcetera. Due to the nature of morality, however, you don’t hear many lesser-known entrepreneurs discuss it, so I’ll need to pull from some more famous examples:

49 Famous People & Celebrities with INTJ Personality Type

The mathematician, physicist, and astronomer became best known for his work on the laws of motion and gravity. This historical figure is one of the greatest scientists of all time, and his INTJ personality is evident in his revolutionary thinking. 36. Augustus Caesar.

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Introversion — extraversion, Sensing — intuition, Thinking — feeling, Judging — perceiving. Based on the category which you fall under, you are assigned one of the 16 acronym test results, like " ENTP " or " ISTJ ". The majority of successful entrepreneurs predominantly fall within four types: ENTPs, ESTJs, ENTJs, INTJs.

Could Entrepreneurship Be A Smart Choice For An INTJ?

INTJs with a strong background in academia can be fantastic tech CEOs. Curse of Being an INTJ [1] Introverts; Being an introvert can be a blessing and a curse as an entrepreneur. Research has shown that introverts can be excellent leaders, but they’re struggling with less logical co-workers, team environments, and frequent client interactions.
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