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keyboard_check_direct. This function will return true if the key with the particular keycode is pressed, or false if it is not, by checking the hardware directly. It allows for a few more checks, in particular you can use keycodes vk_lshift, vk_lcontrol, vk_lalt, vk_rshift, vk_rcontrol and vk_ralt to check whether the left or right shift, control or alt key is pressed.

Improved ord(key) Function! : r/gamemaker - reddit

It absolutely and hugely matters. This is something that would be used for checking key presses while running the game, for example keyboard_check(ord('tab'), so it could be run hundreds of times per second and if elseing through up to a hundred possibilities for each one could be a dramatic loss of performance.

Checking wether the Player is using the Keyboard or a Gamepad

Game Maker has a built-in function that returns true if a gamepad is plugged in at a given slot, and false if one is not. I believe it's gamepad_is_connected (slot); 1. zero86sk • 3 yr. ago. Yes but with this, if a gamepad is plugged in you cant use the keyboard. Its like what Skyrim or Fallout do.

Keyboard_Check_Pressed(ord()) | GameMaker Community

global.key_z = keyboard_check_pressed(ord(“Z”)); BattleRifle BR55 Let Live. Aug 13, 2018 #2 Where do you use the variable? P. PrinceOfBelgium Guest. Aug 14, 2018 #3 Never mind, I figured it out. I just now saw your response. The problem was with the usage of the variable, not the creation. ... GameMaker. Programming. Dark Skin (Default ...

8 Directional Movement with WASD Keys :: GameMaker: Studio General ...

MOVELEFT = keyboard_check (ord ('A')); MOVERIGHT = keyboard_check (ord ('D')); MOVEUP = keyboard_check (ord ('W')); MOVEDOWN = keyboard_check (ord ('S')); //Move Player if (MOVELEFT && x > sprite_width/2) { x -= playerSpeed; } if (MOVERIGHT && x < room_width - sprite_width/2) { x += playerSpeed; } if (MOVEUP && y > room_height/2) {

Disable/Delete Key Use :: GameMaker: Studio General Discussions

GameMaker: Studio. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews ... if key_E_enabled and keyboard_check(ord("E")) key_E = true; When Pressing [R Key] what code would I use to: 1. Disable the function (To Run) which would result after pressing [R] 2. Keep my variable the same (normally it would -1 ...


keyboard_key_press - GameMaker keyboard_key_press. With this function you can simulate the press of any key on the keyboard. When used, the key will be flagged as being pressed until the corresponding release function is called (see keyboard_key_release()).The function will take a keycode value as returned by the function ord() (only capital letters from A-Z or numbers from 0-9), or any of the ...

keyboard_check not working | GameMaker Community

rightKey = keyboard_check (ord (D)); leftkey = -keyboard_check (ord (A)); jumpkey = keyboard_check_pressed (ord (W)); move = leftkey + rightKey; hsp = move * movespeed; if (vsp < 10) vsp += grav; //jumping if (place_meeting (x,y+1,obj_colision)) { vsp = jumpKey * -jumpspeed; } //vertical collision if (place_meeting (x,y+vsp,obj_colision)) { while …

game maker - Collision GameMaker issue - Stack Overflow

1 Answer. If you're moving instnace by walkSpeed, you should also check for collision in distance of walkSpeed, not collisionSpeed. If collisionSpeed is smaller than walkSpeed by just 1 pixel, then it might return no collision as it will be last pixel before collision happens. A good example is when walkSpeed=3, and collisionSpeed=2, which will ...

How to invert the sprite position in GameMaker Studio 2 code?

How to fix this? key_left = keyboard_check (ord ("A")) key_right = keyboard_check (ord ("D")) key_jump = keyboard_check (vk_space) var move = key_right - key_left hspd = move * spd; vspd = vspd + grv; if (hspd != 0) { image_xscale = sign (hspd) } game-maker-studio-2 game-maker-language Share Improve this question Follow
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