Game Maker Studio 2 - How to Use any Key on the Keyboard

How to Use any Key on the Keyboard In GMS 2Not every key has a constant and that can make using it in your game really difficult. Let's find out how to find ...

GameMaker Manual -

For this the following functions are available: keyboard_set_map (key1,key2) Maps the key with keycode key1 to key2. keyboard_get_map (key) Returns the current mapping for key. keyboard_unset_map () Resets all keys to map to themselves. To check whether a particular key or mouse button is pressed you can use the following functions.

keyboard_check_pressed - GameMaker

keyboard_check_pressed. With this function you can check to see if a key has been pressed or not. Unlike the keyboard_check() function, this function will only run once for every time the key is pressed down, so for it to trigger again, the key must be first released and then pressed again. The function will take a keycode value as returned by the function ord() (only capital letters from A-Z ...

keyboard_check_direct - GameMaker

keyboard_check_direct. This function will return true if the key with the particular keycode is pressed, or false if it is not, by checking the hardware directly. It allows for a few more checks, in particular you can use keycodes vk_lshift, vk_lcontrol, vk_lalt, vk_rshift, vk_rcontrol and vk_ralt to check whether the left or right shift, control or alt key is pressed.

Need help with keyboard_check function : gamemaker - reddit

Both in the line here: if keyboard_check (ord ('R')); First, in the ord call, you have single quotes. In GameMaker Studio 2 you can only use double quotes " for strings. Second, you end the if statement with a semicolon - this will cause errors. Do not end if, while, for or do statements with a semicolon.

Keyboard Checker | The best online keyboard tester

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Checking wether the Player is using the Keyboard or a Gamepad

Game Maker has a built-in function that returns true if a gamepad is plugged in at a given slot, and false if one is not. I believe it's gamepad_is_connected (slot); 1. zero86sk • 3 yr. ago. Yes but with this, if a gamepad is plugged in you cant use the keyboard. Its like what Skyrim or Fallout do.

How To Make Breakout With GameMaker Language | GameMaker

Close the Image Editor and the Sprite Editor, without changing the origin of the sprite as it's fine set to the top left. The next sprite to make is for the ball, so go ahead and do the following: Create a new sprite and call it "spr_Ball". Click the "Resize" button and set the size to 15 width and 15 height.

How To Make A Multiplayer Game With GameMaker | GameMaker

Check the “ Enable Viewports” option. Expand “Viewport 0”, and check “ Visible”. Under “Camera Properties”, set Width and Height to 320 and 180. Under “Viewport Properties”, set Width and Height to 1280 and 720. Run the game now, and if you’re using Windows or Mac, the window will be larger:

Disable/Delete Key Use :: GameMaker: Studio General Discussions

GameMaker: Studio. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews ... if key_E_enabled and keyboard_check(ord("E")) key_E = true; When Pressing [R Key] what code would I use to: 1. Disable the function (To Run) which would result after pressing [R] 2. Keep my variable the same (normally it would -1 ...
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