I spent 3 months applying to jobs after a coding bootcamp. Here’s what ...

At Hack Reactor, we’re trained to mask our inexperience. In our personal narratives, we purposely omit our bootcamp education. Why? Otherwise, companies automatically categorize us into junior developer roles or tag us as “not enough experience.”

An In-Depth Rundown of Hack Reactor (1st line of JavaScript to ... - reddit

On being accepted to the program and paying a deposit, Hack Reactor provides you mandatory precourse material to complete in the three weeks leading up to the start date. The material is heavily varied, ranging from re-implementing JS libraries and functions to building a very limited Twitter clone from a template. The work is difficult.

Just graduated Hack Reactor - AMA : r/codingbootcamp

But Hack Reactor name and effort we put in the program is definitely getting great attention and impression. I burnt out towards the end of the program and had to take time off after completing it to get back into routine and see some friends. I applied to 5 jobs, got 3 rejections (they responded, yay!) and 1 yes. which i accepted.

Solving Toy Problems - GitHub Pages

Many Ways of Solving (Toy) Problems There are many ways of solving toy problems. I think when starting to code, most beginners strive to reach the perfect, ‘right’ solution. They view each toy problem (since we all start with and love toy problems) as being uni-directional similar to a footrace.

Hack Reactor Graduate Outcomes | Hack Reactor

Since our founding in 2012, a central part of our mission has been to deliver exceptional student outcomes. That's precisely why we publicly disclose our standards for documenting, auditing, and publishing student outcomes data. It's our responsibility to represent accurate outcomes and give the next generation of students a clear understanding ...

Toy problem: BubbleSort. Hack Reactor | by Fakhreddine MESSAOUDI - Medium

Hack Reactor. Hello guys, today I’m going to explain the bubble sort algorithm and explain it as simply as I can. ... In this toy problem, we have the most basic sorting algorithm also it's easy to understand. First of all, let’s take this example [5,6,2,3]: The first thing you need to know is, we will be checking and comparing every two ...

GitHub - thejivecat/Toy-Problems: A repository for some algorithms and ...

Every morning, when a new toy problem is added, you'll need to sync your version of the repo with hackreactor's. Git won't automatically pull in upstream changes for you; it trusts that you'll pull them in as needed. Do so by giving Git a reference to hackreactor's version of the repo:

Interview With Hack Reactor | Frances Coronel

Yes, a little bit by providing toy problems. I also lecture a bit about toy problems and help out with interviews, the help desk, cross sort and debugging. What was your favorite event/memory from Hack Reactor? The first 6 weeks were the most fun I’ve ever had, it was really great meeting the other students.


Hack Reactor Job Placement. According to Hack Reactor, its students have a 79.44% job placement rate within 180 days of graduation. The bootcamp offers many hands-on exercises to keep tabs on your progress. On the job preparation front, Hack Reactor conducts mock interviews so that you can get a feel for common computer science interview questions.

How to Build a Long-Term Software Engineering Career

The short answer: yes, you can get a job after a coding bootcamp. And if you enroll in a top-tier bootcamp, you might be able to not just find a job post-program but also build a career. To expound on this, we sat down with coding bootcamp graduates Joyce Ma, Matthew Campagna, and Kent Warren. Joyce, Matthew, and Kent are all professionals who ...
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