How to Fix 'fatal: The current branch has no upstream branch' Error in Git

While working on a project I encountered the following error: fatal: The current branch [name of branch] has no upstream branch. Upon closer inspection the issue was that the branch that git was tracking, which had the same name, had the first letter in uppercase (e.g. Fix), while the branch that I was using had its first letter in lowercase (e.g. fix). This caused confusion for git. In order ...

git fatal: The current branch has no upstream branch - Brainstorm Creative

17 August 2022 by Emily. If you see the message “the current branch has no upstream” in your command window, it means you’ve tried to git push to a remote repository from a local branch that has not yet been connected to a remote branch. In other words there is no upstream branch. That means git doesn’t know where to push your changes to.

How to fix fatal:the current branch master has no upstream branch

Therefore, you are only creating a new branch on the local computer. Solution. You can fix the issue by typing: git push -u origin master This will fix the error, but only for the current issue. The following is a permanent fix that will automatically create a remote branch: git config --global push.default current

fatal: The current branch master has no upstream branch

1. git push -u origin head. Why? HEAD (see your .git\HEAD file) has the refspec of the currently checked out branch (for example: ref: refs/heads/master) the default push policy is simple. Since the refpec used for this push is head: (no destination), a missing :<dst> means to update the same ref as the <src> (head, which is a branch).

How to Set or Change Upstream Branch in Git - Knowledge Base by phoenixNAP

A switch branch confirmation appears: Note: From this point on, the active branch is listed as (<branch name>) instead of (main). In our case, it’s (test). 2. Set upstream branch using the git push command with the -u extension or use the longer version --set-upstream. Replace <branch name> with your branch name. git push -u origin <branch name>.

git fatal: The current branch {} has no upstream branch

When attempting to do a git push, are you getting the following response: fatal: The current branch main has no upstream branch. To push the current branch and set the remote as upstream, use git push --set-upstream origin main. Enumerating objects: 34, done. Counting objects: 100 % ( 34 / 34 ), done. Delta compression using up to 8 threads ...

why do I have to set up the upstream when I tried to push

Therefore, if you are working on a local branch you have to set the upstream so that when you push the branch will be created remotely too. If you do not set the upstream then git will push your commit onto the remote master as if you had done the work on master. If you tend to work on local branches, merge into master and then push, you may ...

Push to newly created branch without creating an upstream branch in Git ...

I do changes and push the changes to the branch using simple “git push”. This is easily done as there’s already an upstream branch called “master” but things get tricky when you create a new branch from the existing branch. The problem. So, for instance, I created a new branch called featureA from the master branch like so.

What's the difference between tracking branch and upstream branch in ...

3. The idea behind both commands is that you'd like to track the changes in a remote branch. git branch --track [branch] [remote-branch] Creates a local branch from the remote-branch and sets the remote-branch as its upstream in order to track differences. This is the default behavior when branching off of a remote branch and can be controlled ...

How to Fix Git fatal: The current branch has no upstream branch

To push the current branch and set the remote as upstream, use git push --set-upstream origin <branchname>. Then the issue is that you have not configured git to always create new branches on the remote from local ones. The permanent fix if you always want to just create that new branch on the remote to mirror and track your local branch is ...
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