Low GPA High GMAT Profile Evaluation

View detailed applicant stats such as GPA, GMAT score, work experience, location, application status, and more. ... Low GPA High GMAT Profile Evaluation Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:25 am Hello guys, ... I found a part-time job at a restaurant near campus and worked as cashier + server for roughly 25 hrs per week. That was when my gpa started to suffer.

Overcoming Low GPA SCORES with a high GRE/GMAT Score

It is also agreed upon that a low GPA scores can be overcome with a high GRE Score / high GMAT Score. As the GRE/GMAT Score is a standardized test, it shows the current academic abilities of a student. Apart from the academic abilities, it also enables one to understand whether an applicant is capable enough to handle managerial tasks.

Can high GMAT offset low GPA? - Quora

Answer (1 of 4): You ask a very good question. So, in general, can a high GMAT score make up for a low GPA? Yes, it can, but generally only when your GPA is not well under the average GPA. Let’s look at an example. Harvard Business School Statistics Median GMAT Score: 730 Average GPA: 3.70 Le...

Where should I apply? Low GPA, High GMAT, Good/Great WE

Sounds like you have a good story. Your CFA and high GMAT score should minimise the impact of a low GPA. Would focus on schools that want more than brilliant acamemdics. But as a finance person you would still want to look at Wharton and Chiago. Taking time to build relationship and show interest might make all the difference.

High GMAT (740) but very low GPA (2.2) - Manhattan Prep

High GMAT (740) but very low GPA (2.2) Sun Sep 08, 2013 12:14 am. Dear Instructors. Thanks to Manhattan GMAT, I got good scores 740 and is excited to start my application procedures yet with an embarrassingly low GPA score (2.2), and would like to have some advice from you about school/program selection and administration processes.

Low GPA, High GMAT - Chances at MBA? | Wall Street Oasis

A 770 GMAT is great but you aren't getting into H/S given a 2.1 and non gold work experience. You're going to be put in the bucket with MBB consultants who went to elite undergrads, have 3.6.+ GPAs, and 730+ gmat scores. MBA business schools">M7 is possible given your high GMAT and interesting work experience but I think will be tough as well.

Can high GMAT offset low GPA? - educatecafe.com

Score: 4.7/5 (66 votes) . Many admissions committee members agree that a strong GMAT or GRE performance offsets a low GPA.For example, the average GMAT score at schools such as Stanford Graduate School of Business and University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School is around 730.

Low GPA —> High GMAT? : r/MBA - reddit

Work experience matters a lot, so assume a candidate with a 3.0 GPA and 690 GMAT but with golden work experience. If they can write decent essays and give a cogent interview, they'll probably get in at a few top schools. If this candidate's WE is now bronze or barely silver, everything else constant, things look much worse.

Low gpa but high gmat score. : gradadmissions - reddit

Low gpa but high gmat score. Business. I got a gpa less than 3 however i worked my ass and got a 740 in my gmat. Also my education is only 15 years. I have 14 months of professional experience. ... so I went back to the university and worked multiple jobs and lived with shitty people or in my car for a few years to cover tuition, failing every ...

The truth about GPA cutoff, SAT and GMAT scores for consultants

3.7 and above is generally a strong GPA. 3.2 and below is generally a poor GPA. Of course, the strength of your work experience and extracurricular experience always matter and can shift GPA perceptions. I’m a senior in college and applying to consulting firms fulltime. Unfortunately, I have a really low SAT score from high school.
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