How To Keep In Touch With Professors & Coworkers

So for most of the graduating seniors entering the workforce and already locked down with a job, it’s likely that the job won’t be your first and last one. It’s forecasted that generation Y will change jobs 20 times during their life. While in our parents’ generation, it was more common to stay at a company the duration of your life ...

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Here are just four great reasons to keep in touch with your professors after graduation. Using those connections, Your instructors have shared their knowledge and experience with you in the classroom. They have been in their position and fields for a long time and have made some great connections.

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It is often easy to simply google the professor’s name and their subject. so Lee R. Jones Chemistry may provide the institution where they are currently located. Go to that department website and look up the faculty roster, and you will usually find the professor and their email address. Quora User,

4 Reasons You Should Keep in Touch with Professors

Professors as references, You have shown your professors that you are a hard worker, they know what your personality is like and your dedication when in their classes. Consider contacting past professors to use as a reference or ask them to provide a reference letter.

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Areas: Education Advocacy, College Consultant Author has 932 answers and 336.4K answer views 1 y, They have this thing called “Google”. You really can find anyone with it. Find where the professor is, send a POLITE, non-stalkerish email asking if it’s ok to keep in touch. If you do not respond, let it go. If you do, awesome! Ben Y. Zhao,

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If you know of (or are a part of) a company that’s hiring, ask your professor to mention it to their students. Communicating with your professors via email, or even through social media if they’re on it, is a great way to stay updated on things happening with them and to have a connection in a field you’re in or want to be in.

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Google Scholar generally keeps an up-to-date list of publications. Check with your faculty member and talk about the shared interest in the topic; they may encourage you to follow their social media, look for upcoming publications, or at least to keep in touch by email. 2, level 2, SnowblindAlbino, · 9y Professor,

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In your current situation, make an appointment with the professor (s), update them on your accomplishments and remind them of your work in school. Ask them if they would be willing to write you a recommendation, and let them know your plans. The problem with waiting is that professors DO forget who you are.

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It’s actually easiest when the prof is no longer your teacher for a class; then it doesn’t look like “brown nosing”, etc. After you graduate, continue to email once in a while, or share good news, or relate a current experience to something that person taught you and let them know…Stop in when you’re in town, ask how their life is going, etc!</p>,

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4 Answers, Sorted by: 9, When a member of academic staff says "Keep in touch" to a leaving student or researcher it often means "Keep me informed with major events in your career or family". Yes, it probably has the expectation of an email, but not too regularly.
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