How to Keep in Contact with Your Professors and Former Bosses

Making your plans known early will also allow your contacts to mentally make a link between your future aspirations and their experiences with you while it is all still fresh in their mind. When they are eventually called to speak to why you are an ideal candidate, they will already have a few ideas to start with. #2 Connect with them on LinkedIn

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Using your professor's first name or leaving out their title can start you off on the wrong foot. When in doubt, use the title listed on the syllabus. Knowing your professor's research area, teaching specialties, and background can help you build rapport. It can also mean getting more out of your professional relationship.

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If you know of (or are a part of) a company that’s hiring, ask your professor to mention it to their students. Communicating with your professors via email, or even through social media if they’re on it, is a great way to stay updated on things happening with them and to have a connection in a field you’re in or want to be in.

5 Reasons to Keep in Touch with Your Professors After You Graduate

It adds a big boost to your resume and puts you a step ahead of the others. 3. Networking Connections. Professors know a lot of people. That is just one more reason to keep in touch with them. Whether you are interested in applying for a job with a company and would like some contact information or you just want to know who is who in the field ...

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Professors really do love it when students keep in touch with us. If your class is just finishing or was recent, just let them know what you enjoyed most about the class, how any of it helped you with other classes or solidifying what you want to major in or making your career choice or anything else.

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The exclusive one-on-one relationship of mentor and mentee, long the norm, has been replaced by sharing responsibility with others for the growth of a mentee. 3) Run a tight ship. Establishing firm and clear ground rules with mentees can improve efficiency. 4) Head off rifts or resolve them.

Keeping in touch with professors after the semester

<p>Office hours don’t mean the professor is sitting twiddling their thumbs. It just means its the 2 hours or so that they have to be in their offices so students can find them. Keep it largely on topic unless the professor digresses. It may turn out you have a shared interest in celebrity gossip (I’m not joking).

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Others have more genuinely stayed in touch (we meet for coffee, or even lunch, when she visits campus from medical school), but that depends on establishing a connection first. Staying in touch with a professor is like any other relationship. You need to pay attention to cues.

How to keep in contact with professors for letters of rec?

In your current situation, make an appointment with the professor (s), update them on your accomplishments and remind them of your work in school. Ask them if they would be willing to write you a recommendation, and let them know your plans. The problem with waiting is that professors DO forget who you are.


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