nelhage/reptyr: Reparent a running program to a new terminal - GitHub

Display your running background jobs with jobs -l, this should look like this: [1]+ 4711 Stopped (signal) top (The -l in jobs -l makes sure you'll get the PID) Disown the jobs from the current parent with disown top. After that, jobs will not show the job any more, but ps -a will. Start your terminal multiplexer of choice, e.g. tmux

How do I attach a terminal to a detached process?

Easiest way (if you are still in same terminal) is to run jobs (to see, if process is still running) and if yes, use fg to being it to foreground. After that, you can start sending commands and you will also receive stdout data. PS: "sending it to background again" can be done using CTRL+Z (suspend) and than running bg (run last job in background). See some tutorials for this topic to learn more.

How to Remove Sticky Price Tag Residue: 13 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

How to Remove Sticky Price Tag Residue: 13 Steps (with Pictures) Stain Removal Adhesive Stains How to Remove Sticky Price Tag Residue Download Article parts 1 Removing a Label Easily 2 Getting Sticker Residue Off Hard Surfaces 3 Removing Sticker Residue From Fabrics Other Sections Tips and Warnings Related Articles References Article Summary

Help! How to reattach tag on clothes - The Student Room

ScreamingCat. 12. Agree with PF, trying to get a refund is lost cause. If you want to show good will I'd focus on trying to remove the stain, whether it be DIY or taking it to a professional. The fact you've saved up for a whole year is a sign you do care and hopefully your mother understands that too.

Zipper Repair: How to Fix a Broken Zipper - Family Handyman

First, remove the stitching around the lower end of the zipper with a seam ripper. Be sure to take off the metal stop at the bottom of the zipper without tearing the fabric. Now you can take off the old zipper slider. Take your new zipper slider and position the zipper teeth into the top grooves of the slider.

Can I re-attach a price tag? | Los Angeles - Yelp

This Yelper's account has been closed. K P. Los Angeles, CA. 10 friends. 12 reviews. I can't return it for a refund without an attached tag. plus its a weird looking tag, its cream colored with a flatten circle at the end. wtf. Report as inappropriate. 1/16/2009. This Yelper's account has been closed.

How do I return merchandise that has Bloomingdale’s b-tags and/or ...

• With Bloomingdale’s b-tags and designer garment tags still attached • With any accompanying materials that were included in the original, such as: • Belts and other accessories • Designer packaging, including: Authenticity cards, dust bags, and leather tags


Using tty, we ensure the correct terminal is open. We then see that the process is not accessible via jobs. We’ll call this state of our original process “detached”: not part of the jobs list in any terminal. its original terminal is still open. Let’s exit the terminal, where sleep was started: $ tty /dev/pts/0 $ exit.

Bloomingdale's Prevents Wardrobing - B-Tag Required for Returns

Instructions to remove the B-tag are included, but once the tag is removed the dress can't be returned. Bloomingdale's shoppers have mixed feelings about this new tag. While some say it's...

How To Remove E-Tag Toll Holder Properly From Windscreen [DIY ... - YouTube

Just bought a new car? OR have just been fed up seeing that little holder on your windscreen and your OCD has finally had enough? I've got you! In this short...
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