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Step 2: Create Slow Motion Video Instagram. Right click the video present on the timeline, and then click the Speed and Duration option from the context menu. In the custom speed window, you can reduce the video speed using the drop-down menu or the cursor. Select the OK option when done.

How to do Slow Motion (Slow-Mo) Videos on Instagram Reel

Now, open the Instagram app on your smartphone. Tap on the Camera shutter icon -> Go to Reels. Here you can a couple of options or adjustments like audio, video, speed, effect, timer, etc. Tap on Speed and set the video recording speed to .3x or .5x format. If in case, you want to record a faster video like fast forward format then select 2x or 3x.

How To Slow Down A Reel Video On Instagram - Nerds Chalk

When recording a slow-motion video on Reels, you need to set the speed before you record the video. To do so, tap the ‘Speed’ button from the left panel. Now select how much you would like to slow down the video. If you would like to add music, tap the Audio button in the left panel. Select the song you would like to add.

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How to create slo-mo videos for Instagram on your iPhone

Select a video and add it to your project. Enlarge Image. Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET. 4. Tap on the video timeline to highlight it and make the edit tools appear. 5. Tap the speed-dial button ...

How-To: Share Your Slow Motion Videos on Instagram - iPhone Life

First, launch the iMovie app. Follow the onscreen instructions to create a new project. Then select the Slow Mo video to import. Now double tap the clip and you should see some new options appear at the bottom of your screen. Select Speed, and drag the slider on the bottom to the far left to slow your video down to 1/4 speed, which is the same ...

How To Do Slow Motion In Instagram Reels? Step By Step Guide To Make ...

Follow these instructions to learn how to create slow-motion videos for Instagram reels: Start the Instagram app, then swipe right to access the camera page. You could also click the Story button in the top left corner. Select the time by tapping "Reels" on the bottom panel next to "Story." For a reel, the maximum time allowed is 60 seconds.

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Learn how to make awesome smooth slow motion videos in this COMPLETE slow motion video tutorial - from shooting to editing! -- LINKS --(When available, we us...

Get Slow Motion Video Pro - Microsoft Store

Description. With Slow Motion Video Maker you can record / play videos and then play it back in slow motion. You can choose the speed of your playback. Record the flowing water and slow it down. Easy to upload these videos to youtube, instagram and other social networks. You can record falling objects and see the downfall in slow motion.

Why & How to Make Slow Motion Videos |

Here’s how you can use to get creative and speed down your videos. Upload your video or choose a template. You can also pick a stock video from our superb library. Go to the video editor and choose the speed. The default video speed is 1. You can select anything less than 1 to make your video slower.
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