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But before that, let’s take a look at the top ten INFJ careers. These are my personal favorites, which I highly recommend: • Writer • Healthcare Worker • Artist • Social Worker • Counselor • Therapist • Librarian • Scientist • Life Coach • Forester If you don’t like your current job, don’t worry, the situation won’t last forever.

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INFJs need freedom. Entrepreneurship is often a good place for them, where they can get the freedom they need. 10 Reply crazysnake19 • 2 yr. ago Content writing & research are great. Technical Purchasing is also nice. I started as a technical writer then expanded into Research which felt way better than writing and less structured.

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The following jobs are not recommended careers for INFJ types: Accountant: Jobs that focus more on profit and the bottom line than actual human elements can be frustrating for INFJ types. Emergency medical technician: The unpredictable and sometimes chaotic nature of this job can be overwhelming for someone who loves calm surroundings.

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Top 8 INFJ jobs The best career matches for INFJs are those that allow them to use their creativity, networking abilities, and independent nature. Here are eight career paths that may be a good fit for an INFJ personality type. 1. Counselor or psychologist An INFJ personality would thrive in a role like a psychologist or a counselor.

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10. Entrepreneur. Most intuitive types crave freedom and creativity, and the INFJ is no exception. That’s why being your own boss may be one of the best careers for an INFJ. If you have a hard time forcing yourself into to just one career field, or you want more freedom, then you may want to start your own business.

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INFJ INFJ careers INFJ jobs Find a top-rated training program Select Your Interest: First Name Last Name Email Phone Number Get Your Matches Useful Resources Is It Too Late to Change Careers? Job descriptions are constantly adding new skillsets as requirements, and now even an entry-level position may ask for an undergraduate degree.

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Participants also were asked to rate their jobs for enjoyment. The group suggests that based on its research, the best careers for an INFJ are counseling, homemaking, design, entrepreneurship, writing, the arts or the ministry. INFJs in these careers scored at least 4 and as high as 4.7 out of 6 in terms of enjoyment in the career.

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Like many Introverts, INFJs often miss opportunities to accomplish more by participating in teams. They will gladly offer their assistance to others if asked, but otherwise may choose a more independent path. INFJs are capable of some impressive achievements on their own, in both their personal and professional lives.

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INFJ USA INFJ 28,385 members 44 groups Meet other locals who have been categorized as INFJs by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Join INFJ groups Related topics: INFP Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Introverted Personality Type INTJ INTP ENFP Highly Sensitive People Myers Briggs Type Indicator Introversion INFJ groups near you More local groups

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ISTJ – A support group for people with compulsive vigilante tendencies. ENFP – A support group for people who are way more excited about life than everybody else and need to find new people to high five. ENTJ – A support group for people who don’t need a support group dammit, that road rage incident was just the ONE time.
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