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Key Contacts. Intel Health Benefits Center. For Health and Disability questions: (877) GoMyBen / (877) 466-9236. MetLife Customer Service. For Life Insurance questions: (800) GETMET8 / (800) 438-6388. Minnesota Life Customer Service. For Life Insurance questions: (877) 494-1673.

Intel expands paid leave to care for babies, sick family and for ...

Intel has 20,000 employees in Oregon, more than any other company. Its new leave policies appear longer than the state’s other large employers – Nike, for example, has offered eight weeks of...

Does Intel Corporation offer family leave? - Glassdoor

Intel Corporation Q&A: Does Intel Corporation offer family leave? | Glassdoor. Employers.

12 tech companies with impressive employee benefits

Paid parental leave: In the US, women receive four weeks pre-delivery date, six to eight weeks (for vaginal/c-section delivery), Maternity Disability, and four months parental leave at 100%...

57 Companies That Offer Awesome Fertility Benefits | InHerSight

Intel What they offer: Up to $40,000 for fertility treatments, $20,000 for prescription coverage, and $15,000 for adoption assistance with no lifetime maximum. 29. Johnson & Johnson What they offer: A $30,000 lifetime maximum for fertility treatments with no clinic restrictions and $20,000 adoption and surrogacy reimbursements. 30. KKR

Intel's parental 'bonding' leave sets new standard, but other Oregon ...

Nike, like Intel and OHSU, finances maternity leave through short-term disability benefits. And it offers paid, five-week sabbaticals for employees once they've been with the company for 10...

Intel Corporation Employee Benefit: Maternity & Paternity Leave

What Maternity & Paternity Leave benefit do Intel Corporation employees get? Intel Corporation Maternity & Paternity Leave, reported anonymously by Intel Corporation employees.

All Your FMLA & Maternity Leave Questions Answered

Beginning in 2019, the maximum leave is 10 weeks in a one-year period and, in 2021, it expands to 12 weeks. In 2019, pay is 55 percent of an employee’s wages and, in 2022, pay expands to 67 percent. This applies to employees at all private-sector companies who have worked full- or part-time at a company for 26 consecutive weeks.

How to Regain Your Drive After Returning From Parental Leave

First, I clear everything out of my head and get it down on paper. This essential first step is incredibly effective at helping to manage stress and anxiety. Then I "process" it by doing some very ...

How Maternity Leave Works: The Employer’s Guide - Workest

Maternity leave refers to the period of time when a mother stops working following the birth of a child. When an employee is expecting, the employer can expect to receive time off requests. Maternity leave can start before the child is born if the mother requests it or has complications in her pregnancy; or it can begin after birth.
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